All of us have them, thousands every day. Are they good thoughts generally or are you angry at the world?

Be Careful Of Your Thoughts. What many people don’t realise are that thoughts are energy and travel throughout time and space. The way we think and act can greatly influence and shape our future. An example is a person who has grown up without encouragement and is down on him or herself constantly. They berate and have negative thoughts about themselves all day and all night. Nothing ever seems to go right for them. They will actually create that experience around them where nothing seem to work out for them. Often in the long term they will also experience health issues around themselves as well, because not only is the mind telling them they are no good it is telling the body it is no good as well.

Our thoughts are so powerful that they can and will influence our body and actions either in a positive or negative way. Let’s face it we all have had thoughts about ourselves or others that haven’t been positive or uplifting. I encourage you to think about ourselves and others in a positive way and be grateful for what we have in our life.

We also create Karma for ourselves when we think negative thoughts about others. Thoughts are powerful and whatever we direct them at others, they will come back to us at some point. Good thoughts about others will bring good thoughts about you, bad thoughts about others will bring bad thoughts and actions around you.

I don’t know about you but I try to have mainly positive thoughts throughout the day to create a world around me that brings in good vibrations. So try and catch yourself next time you have a bad thought and swap it with a good one

Safe Travels 🙂

Steve Spiritboy