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What is Psychic Protection? This is a common question I am asked by developing students or for that matter any one sensitive enough to need it. Psychic protection are ways to protect your vital energy from those that might want to rob it. You must look deeper than what the eyes see. Around our body we have many different layers of auras or energy fields that protect and corral our life source or energy around our physical body. We have many different energies around us that have been proven scientifically, from electrical, heat, sound, electromagnetic and more. All these help our physical body to operate efficiently throughout the day. Our energy can be robbed from needy or sick people coming within our person space or aura. Often it is not deliberate on their part especially sick or unwell people but they will be drawn to your positive energy to top themselves up at your expense. I sure we can all remember a time where your feeling on top of the world and you met someone who is down or sad and after they leave you, all your optimism and joy seems to be gone and they go away brighter and happier than when you met them. We call those people energy vampires.

How do you protect yourself? There are many different ways from a bubble fields to shields and grounding, Try avoiding crowds and masses of people. But the simple fact is the more sensitive you are the harder you will be hit and sooner or later it can knock you flat. For those that would like to learn more I hold Psychic Development Classes  that cover this and I also have an eBook that helps you understand and provides you with methods and ways you can protect yourself. So be aware and help yourself to avoid the Psychic Vampires.