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Losing a furry friend who has been part of the family for many years, can be devastating to say the least. Yesterday my partner and three children had to say goodbye to our friend, mate and protector of nearly 16 years. The little man’s body could no longer work as it was meant too and I had to make the decision to stop his pain and start ours. I know he was well taken care of by our spirit friends when he passed, but still our physical and emotional bodies feel great sadness and pain at this time.

Growing up we valued our pets like our close friends and the sad fact of life with our furry friends is that they have a shorter lifetime than us. Even though I know the little man’s safe on the other side our grief on this side is at the moment overwhelming. I know with time and space the pain will become a little more bearable but our fond memories will stick. Our little protector will still be guarding our house from the other side and that will always bring a smile to my face.

God bless you Benny and thanks for the memories. xxx