Astrology & the Stars

Astrology comes from the Stars
The Stars and the Universe

In this section I will briefly explain how the Planets, Sun and Moon effect our day to day life. Astrology and study of the stars have been used and practiced by many ancient cultures. The ancients Egyptians, Mayans, Greeks and many others studied the effect of the Stars and Planets on us. Today the process is refined through computers and those that can interpret our personal charts. These personal charts are broken up into 12 houses or sections. Depending where the planets Sun and moon sit on your chart and in the houses shows the influences they will have on you at a particular time. There are many charts in Astrology but the natal chart or birth chart is a representation of where the moon, sun and our planets were at the time you were born. Each house or section represents a different aspect of our personalities and helps us understand the lessons we came here to learn.
The Planets, Sun and Moon it is said, all play a role in the influences around us in collation with time and age. The subject of Astrology can be very involved and confusing and it is best sourced from a professional. But if you are like me and love finding the answers yourself, then there are plenty of books and information on the internet. Numerology also explores the energy’s we were born with and carry with us in our our name.
Western styled Star or Sun signs are very popular with many magazines and newspapers, but i feel it not as simple as bunching everyone into 12 groups. Our personal Star signs come from breaking the calendar year up into 12 sections and depending on when you were born you will fit into the group assigned to those dates. If you are born 3 days either side of the cut off point you are what we call in the cusp. This means that both star signs will have an effect on you depending on the where you are from the cut off period.

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Written by Steve Parker – Spiritboy.

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Sun and Moon are Essential for Life- Spiritboy
Sun and Moon are Essential for Life- Spiritboy

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