Auras are Energy Fields

Our auras come together

Even though most of us can’t see auras with our naked eye unless we are trained, it is a very important part of us. Everything has energy, from rocks, water, wood, humans and animals. Energy cannot be destroyed only converted to another form. We use food to convert to energy for our body to survive and grow. When you begin to understand that we are not solid as we appear to be, then the ways how energy affects us is easier to understand. On a subatomic level all of our atoms are moving all the time. Can you imagine how subtle energies will affect us? Let us look at a simple example,  the moon is the closest Celestine body to earth and powerful gravitational forces are created between the earth and the moon that affect us here on earth. The Moons influence on earths gravity greatly affects tides which is in essence water. So as humans we are between 60 and 80% water, so any solid reasoning would have us affected as well. Yet most of us are not aware of the moon influences on the emotional us. On a subatomic level an atom has mostly space between and around them. Electrons spin and move around a nucleus and bump into each other, this is the reason we appear to be solid but when you look into it, we are mostly space or air. So when you next poke your arm and your skin bounces back and you think you are solid, think again. A lesson in thinking outside the box and understand your reality is only your perception at the time or a condition of your training or schooling. Also when things appear dead or inert (e.g. Rock) they are still moving on a subatomic level and are energy. Everything has energy. Look at uranium when purified and tempered with man’s technology, it can release a huge amount of energy, when with a chain reaction, it atoms are split. Not a happy thought for nature or us but a lesson on the power of energy.

Can energy be affected by outside influences? Yes most certainly, we just spoken about effect of the moon on water for example. Wood when it set alight will burn to ash, it has converted from its basic form to one of carbon and gas and released heat, and it certainly has been affected. Energy is all around us even when we can’t see it. Energy can be felt as warm heat to our skin when we stand around a fire or even as gentle as breeze blowing through your hair. So I hope you can see that energy comes in all shapes and forms and it should open up your vision on how things can affect us even if some are a long way away.

Human Auras. Now I would like to try and explain about the human aura. What is the aura? The aura is the main energy field that surround all things great and small. Any atomic structure or object has an aura or energy field around it. There are many energy fields that surround us that can be absorbed by the human body. Here are some examples-  light, electrical, heat, sound, magnetic, thermal, and electromagnetic fields. All can be confirmed by solid factual evidence or measurements through existing sciences. The main one we will concern ourselves about is our body aura. The true shape of an unaffected human aura is elliptical or egg shaped and extends outwards from our physical body. A damaged aura can look shrunken and small with cracks and flaws affecting the energy of that person. Among the beliefs of many, is that we have more than one layer or energy field around our body. When we die we shed the physical levels like old clothes that we no longer need. These other bands of energy connect us from the physical to spirit or the universe. These fields are usually known in this order as the physical, astral, mental, buddhic, spiritual, divine and finally the logic plane. The physical is the densest and lowest, where we are now. It is possible when under duress or illness or N.D.E’s (Near Death Experience) that we can leave our physical bodies for a while to astral travel to anywhere we want. But the moment the body wakes we are dragged back into our physical body. People in comas and induced sleep often report roaming the hospital wards while the physical body is asleep in bed and they are looking down at themselves.

Children Children are usually very adept at seeing auras, until told or taught not to. Younger children’s art can show people and animals as different colours and shades as well as colours around heads and bodies. Children still seem to be connected to the spirit world until around 6 or 7 years of age. After all they are not too far out of the womb, their connection to the spirit world is still fresh and strong.

Self-Harming Our Own Personal Aura. How do we personally weaken our own aura? They are many ways, but a few are, lack of sleep, poor diet, drugs, alcohol, smoking, consuming or applying toxic products (including some medicines and makeup), stress, no or little exercise, negative or self-limiting thoughts or even unprotected psychic activity. There are of course many others and you can only imagine how they can impact your body. Our aura is only a reflection of how well our body is feeling. So it goes without saying the healthier and more you know yourself and understand your emotions, the happier you will be. Physical, mental and spiritual damage can also weaken our aura. It is believed the more advance spiritual masters and older souls (Past and Present) following their spiritual path on earth had much larger auras than most other people. This could explain why they can influence more people coming within their auric umbrella. The weaker or more damaged our aura field is, the more outside negative influences we will draw in to impact on our damaged field.

Physical Damage: When we break an arm, cut ourselves, or even not sleeping well, damage will affect our aura or energy field, usually around the area concerned.

Mental Damage: Negative and self-limiting thoughts will often stop us from achieving much in our life. This will in effect, damage the energy field and can in the long term, keep us sick by turning the mental negative thoughts into a physical form.

Spiritual Damage: As we develop psychically, our sensitivities and awareness are increased, this allows us greater chance to damage our aura energy from others unless we protect ourselves. Drawing unwanted negative energy from others over a period of time can certainly make you sick and will definitely impact your life and health. Often the type of people you hang around is the type you become. Spiritual damage can take on many shapes and forms and can come from a variety of sources.

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We interact with others auric Fields

Interacting with Others. Learn about how energies affect us. We all have energy fields surrounding us and by getting close to other people we inter-react with their fields. Ever seen on how in a riot or a crowd of unhappy people how anger and violence builds up as the crowd gets bigger. A similar but more positive happier energy is at work when a comedian works an audience up to hysterical laughter, we are picking up on everyone else’s laughter, through our energy fields. The more you learn about energy and how it works the more intuitive you can become. When I read for someone I am picking up their energy field and that is how I can connect with them to help. Because our bodies give off and absorb energy constantly, every time we come into close contact with another person, an exchange of energy occurs. The more people that we react with the more we exchange energy. Everyone’s energy fields are different, usually the more imitate you are to someone else the more comfortable you will feel with them. The opposite holds true, if the fields are totally different you will certainly feel uneasy around them or worse. The instant feeling of liking or feeling uneasy around new people is a direct inter reaction of our auric fields. A common form of energy drain can be from people who are stressed, unconfident or negative in nature. Have you ever had an experience where you meet someone feeling full of beans, and when they leave, you feel drained and low in energy, but the other person is bouncing out the door. Well we can call these people emotional vampires as they suck all your good energy out of us and if you allow them and this leaves you flat and low in energy reserves. Often these people don’t realise what they do or even how they do it. This is one good reason why we need psychic protection, to guard against these attacks. On the opposite side of the coin, there is a chance when you meet someone positive that you come out feeling on top of the world and with mutual positive thoughts and clarity, the auras can have equal energy exchange and get a top up from the universe at the same time. Negative or damaged auras will drain us and positive ones can enlarge and lift us. Now hopefully you can understand why protection is so important, especially when we are using our psychic abilities.

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Natures Grounding
Grounding through nature

The Effect of Nature on our Energy Fields. The human aura is always larger outside when in direct contact with the earth and elements (grounding). Our natural connection with the earth has changed in the last 150 years with the industrial revolution pulling more people into the cities and away from the land. Leading long term to people getting more and more stress when they can’t ground themselves like they once did. The effect of nature and the four elements is nourishing to the human energy field or aura because we resonate at a similar frequency. When walking through the rainforest or bush walks I always feel the refreshing energy from mother-nature. “Have you ever heard of a rainforest robbing people’s energy? No, but everyone has heard of hugging a tree makes you better.”The four elements of water, fire, air and the earth can easily transform our aura into a stronger and more potent field. These four elements in moderation can help strengthen our fields. Any excess such as feeling the effects of a cyclone, getting sun burnt or near drowning will not help our energy field at all and will hold the opposite effect. When you are sick on a cold winter’s morning, just getting outdoors on the grass with sunshine warming you, is a true blessing. It connects us to the earth and nature. Getting outside your drab four walls of your room and sitting in the park or around a lake, can recharge you and have such a positive effect on your aura. Activities such as walking barefoot on the beach also enlarge and boost our auric field, so get outside if you feeling down and miserable. It might just give you that bit extra of zing to get you back on track.

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Written by Steve Parker – Spiritboy.

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