Price Rise Coming in 2022

Unfortunately due to rising costs I had to make the hard decision about raising the costs of my readings and healings from 1st January 2022. My prices are still very competitive for the service I offer and I will always be there to help those that need a hand or are doing it tough. 

Prices as from the 1/1/2022 will be

Cairns Readings $100

Cairns Energy Healings $100

Overseas or interstate Readings $120

So please book a reading before next year and save before the new prices come in. Book by calling me on 0418773614 or through my website…

How Does a Psychic Reading Work

How Does a Psychic Work?

How I Psychically Tune Into My Clients.

Spiritboy reading tarot at Double Island, Cairns

Want to know how I psychically tune into my clients. Over the years I have often wondered if my new clients understand the process and how I receive information for them. So I thought it was time I try to put into words the way I work with spirit for the  information to come through me.

I remember years ago when I was first learning the Tarot,  I had a reading from my mentor. He would look at the cards and bring out statements nothing like the cards were saying. This use to really confused me until I realised the psychic is just a conduit or messenger from our spirit guides and my mentor was reading from his connection to his guides not the cards. The tarot is only one tool to bring through the messages from our intuition and our spirit helpers on the other side.

Now that I have been working with my spiritual partners and my intuition every day for many years, the messages come through at all hours and in all places. Often when I am doing menial chores or zoning out, messages start coming through because the logical or analytical mind is switched off. This is why meditation is so important for all of us to develop our intuition.

Sometimes even before a client arrives I will start to get messages for them. A lot of times deceased family members will come through and send their love to help put the person at ease and to help them understand that even through physical life ends on this side, life on the other side still goes on.

Spiritboy Steve, Psychic In Cairns, Queensland

When the client arrives I try to put them at ease to make them feel comfortable. With new clients or first timers I will gently explain the process and let them know its great for them to ask questions during the reading for clarity or something they may be worried about. I strongly suggest they record the session on the phone so not to miss any messages. Clients often focus on the immediate here and now and forget about the long term. By recording the reading they have a chance to revisit the reading in the future. These days most modern mobile phones have access to voice recording.

With in-person psychic readings I have a brochure which my clients can take home which explains through Numerology and Starsigns (Birthdate) their chosen life path and their tendencies throughout life. This alone can explain much of what they have been through or experiencing at the present time. Usually this information comes with channelled messages from your guides or loved ones.

After this the Tarot Cards are used to give us a lot more information and details on whats happening now and in the future. The layout or spread of the cards is important because each position talks about a different aspect of your life. From here I can pick up many things going on around you from issues with family, children, ex’s, work, health and much more.

Online Tarot Beginner Course

After placing several layers of cards in the different positions I then use a beautiful second pack of cards called the modern Oracles. These cards are very direct and often confirm what came before and reinforce what we need to do to move forward or through obstacles. The readings usually last around 50 minutes to an hour, so all the information that needs to come out does. I value the information that comes out and I hope my clients do to.

In my psychic readings I counsel on many levels about many topics from relationships, work, addictions to physical, emotional and spiritual needs and we look at ways you can help yourself with any issues you are dealing with. I have had counseling experience with thousands of psychic readings as well as with Lifeline counselling in the past. The readings work on many levels from the physical, mental, emotion and spiritual needs of my clients. It all about giving direction and helping them with any issues they are dealing with.

I do not judge or lecture during our time together but with the help of spirit suggest ways you can work through any issues you may be facing. Please remember we all have free will to exercise and use how we want, the trick is using it the right way for our personal growth with the least amount of pain.

Spiritboy Reading Tarot

There is no difference between In-person reading and long distance readings as the information comes through the same. Imagine listening to the radio where you can hear the music even though you are no where near the radio station. Psychic readings work the same way where I tune into a wavelength and listen to the message coming through to relay it to you.

Over the years many clients have given me great feedback about the validity of the information that comes through and even years later will confirm the what came through in the reading happened. So if you feel like a reading book now and lets see what comes through for you.

I hope this gives you a insight into how I work and look forward to meeting you one day soon.

Steve Spiritboy

Psychic Development Course

Spiritboy Tarot Course 2021

Psychic Development Course

Next Saturday 25th September I will be running one of my fun-est courses on developing your intuition with happy interactive games and information. Great day with like minded people. An eBook is included to be printed from home. We will look at many things metaphysical from pendulums, tarot, oracle cards, meditation, psychic protection and much more. The course is at Whitfield, Cairns and investment for the day is $180 with so much information for the beginner or those wanting to develop your inner self. A certificate of achievement is included for those on the course. Always a fun day especially with a Kinder Surprise readings for yourself. For more information Click Here.

Not too far from xmas and it appears everything is starting to open up so we can start getting back to normality. With the new year will see a small price rise in my fees. Get in for a psychic reading or healing before the new year to save. See what’s happening for you in 2022. Call me to book on 0418773614 or check out my website on See MoreSee Less
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Been busy of late, Corona Virus has certainly been frustrating for many, with loss of jobs, lack of traveling and lock downs. Things are starting to move and with luck next year will hopefully be better for most of us. Stay positive and move forward. On the home front ready for the psychic group this morning and back at the crystal ball tomorrow. For Readings or Healings call me on 0418773614 or connect through See MoreSee Less
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Life and Soul Lessons

Spiritboy Tarot Course 2021

Life and Soul Lessons.

 I’m excited to announce my next Cairns Course on the 28th August 2021. Learn about why we come here. What’s your Life Path? What did your soul want to learn this lifetime. How do go about finding your Soul Mate? Why can you get along with strangers but not my family?

All these questions and more can be investigated through your date of birth and your star signs. The course includes a 90 plus page eBook full of exercises and information. Well worth the investment. These courses are a lot of fun and Informative.  Join like minded people. This course helps you understand ourselves and others close to you. 

Certificate included at the end of the day. For more information or to book click here or call me on 0418773614.

Numerology course by Spiritboy
Friendly Fun and Educational
Soul Lessons eBook by SPIRITBOY
Learn the Easy Way

A Thought about the Media

Media Ghost

A little Fable.

Below is a little story about a donkey and a ghost which I feel has relevance about how we treat each other when are hounded by the mass media with fear. Corona virus is the latest topic in which the general population with the help of the mass media is turning on each other instead of working together. Fear creates panic which creates upheaval in our lives. What do you think?


Learning Tarot The Spiritboy Way

Learning Tarot with Spiritboy

Learning Tarot the Spiritboy Way

What a wonderful day yesterday learning tarot the spiritboy way. A big thank you for the first class of the year. It so hearting to see people from all walks of life coming together and developing their intuition  and reading tarot for themselves and others at the end of day. I was very impressed with my newbys.

Getting ready for my new course on 28th August and hope to see you there. Ever wondered why we get along with some people and not others, this course will open your eyes about why that happens. The new course is all about our soul lessons and how we choose to come and explore through this lifetime. We also explore Starsigns and numerology to find our path. Always a popular course so book early as spaces are limited. For more information click here

Below are some photos of the fun learning tarot day.

Learning Tarot the Spiritboy Way
Learning Tarot the Spiritboy Way
Learning Tarot the Spiritboy Way
Learning Tarot the Spiritboy Way

Book Now for Tarot Rider Waite Workshop

Spiritboy Reading the Tarot Cards

Book Now for Tarot Rider Waite Workshop

I’m excited to announce my first course of the year on Saturday 31st July, so book now for Tarot Rider Waite Workshop. It is an exciting day of developing your intuitive skills through the cards. We always have loads of fun and at the end of the day you will be able to read for others as well as yourself.  Image how popular you will be with your friends and family. Spaces are limited and fill up fast, so action now to learn this invaluable skill.

Investment for the day is only $180 and includes a 130 page instruction Ebook manual on all matters of the Tarot. Written and modernized by myself to include all you need to know. At the end of the course a certificate of achievement will be presented to those attending. Please share with all your friends. For more information click here or call me on 0418773614

Cairns Psychic Group Startup

Spiritboy's Courses are fun!

Cairns Psychic Group Start Up Date

After a year away from running the Cairns Psychic Group, I have decided it’s time to start again. We had heaps of fun and laughter as well as exploring all things psychic. It will be run once a month on a Saturday from 8.45 till midday. First session will be on Saturday the 21st of August. Cost is only $20 per session. For more information call me on 0418773614. Because of limited spacing first in will get priority.

Topics covered in the past include, tarot, meditation, chanelling, oracle cards, psychometry, remote viewing, crystals, healing, palmistry, numerology, starsigns and many more. Topics will be set by the group.


Psychic Development by Spiritboy

Every Month I will be running a day course on different topics. See this link for more information 

Cairns Tarot Course

Spiritboy Tarot Course

Cairns Tarot Course- Saturday 31/7/2021

Learn Tarot with professionals in a fun and exciting way. Our one day course cover all aspects of the tarot Including learning the cards, layouts/spreads and reading at the end of the day. A day of laughter and fun meeting like minded people. For those that do the course a (Certificate of Achievement in Tarot) will be presented at the end of the day.

Book now by calling me on 0418773614 or book on line by the button below.

You can even purchase on the day – Tarot cards and a printed copy of my personally written tarot book (over 130 Pages) for only $15. A link to a PDF copy of the ebook will be sent to your email after booking the course. Hours will be from 9am till about 4pm.

Eva Ronning
Eva Ronning
For Bookings or Enquires Phone Me (0418773614)

Illusion of the Physical Body

Spiritual Body

I pondered over the title ” Illusion of the Physical Body” on this post for a while, but it is a topic that is important to all spiritually aware people. I strongly believe that while we are in this physical world we act out our own personal play with the actors and characters that inter react with us throughout this life and other lifetimes. I also believe that before we are born into the physical world we choose our parents and our date of birth and make agreements with a lot of other souls/actors that interact with us. By doing this we chose as souls to learn certain lessons from other people in our life. A simple example of having supportive parents verses having dysfunctional parents will allow your soul a totally different set of circumstances to grow from.

Even when I was young, long before I started my journey as a psychic, I always felt there was something more than what we see. Over my lifetime looking back at all the hard lessons I’ve learnt, I wish then that I had a truly understanding of what my soul was seeking to learn from those experiences. (See Spiritboy’s Life Journey)

When we are born into the physical body and leave our permanent home in spirit and so are born with no memory of our eternal home and so the physical world becomes our all and end all. Our ego comes to the forefront and we start to feel separated from others and the theme of us verses them comes into play. So many wars, cultural differences and hardships are created from people thinking they are better than others. We are all connected in spirit and working together even if we don’t realise it down here.

The physical body is always connected with our soul. Our ego and mind tend to be the rulers down here of our physical body until we become spiritually awakened. This ego often makes us feel separated from other souls but that is only the illusion of the mind. We are all connected with each other through love in our permanent spiritual home. Often the people who cause us the most grief in life can be our closest friends in spirit just playing a part down here for our soul to learn a lesson. When you understand that we chose our lifepath down here before we are born, we need to look at ourselves and what we are trying to learn from the experience instead of blaming others for our misfortune.

Even though we have free will, most of us will still look to follow our predestined path. Even when we slip of the path our guides and angels in spirit will help us back to the path if we listen.

How do we listen? Meditation and finding a quite space to tap into your soul and hear your spirit guides talking to you. These often come through as feelings or inspirations and even as flashes of a movie. Just learn to trust and develop your intuition or gut feeling. Remember we can choose how we learn our lessons the easy way or the hard way, but remember our soul chose this path for a reason.

For more information on spiritboy’s courses click below.