Unconditional Love

Dogs, cats and animals can give unconditional love to us and let’s face it, we can all do with more of that. After losing our mate Benny of 16 years
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New Premises For Readings

21 Hudson Street, Whitfield It is with great excitement that I advise all my valuable clients and friends that I have moved around the corner from my old rooms into
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Losing A Mate

Losing a furry friend who has been part of the family for many years, can be devastating to say the least. Yesterday my partner and three children had to say
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Need Psychic Protection?

What is Psychic Protection? This is a common question I am asked by developing students or for that matter any one sensitive enough to need it. Psychic protection are ways
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Be Careful Of Your Thoughts

All of us have them, thousands every day. Are they good thoughts generally or are you angry at the world? What many people don’t realise are that thoughts are energy
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Happy 2021

To All My Valued Clients & Friends Well with 2021 well and truly on us, it is a great time to look to see what it will bring for you
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Merry Xmas

I would like to wish all my clients, their family and friends a very merry xmas and a happy new year. Please take time out from your busy schedules and
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What I Do?

For those that don’t know me I thought I would explain a little bit about what I do as it can get confusing when you are looking for a healer
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Stuck or Lost.

Are you feeling stuck, lost or confused at present. With 2020 and the covert virus, the world has been shook up and consequently along with it many peoples lives. I
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Death and Grieving

Grief, Sorrow and Loss

Loss can come in many shapes and forms at anytime throughout our life. Often it comes quick and fast without any warning. I know when I was 17 and still
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Angels and Guides by Spiritboy

About Mediumship

Mediumship is about connecting to the other side. The veil that exists between the psychical world and spirit is hard to penetrate. The reason is, here in the physical world
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Tarot Celtic Cross by Spiritboy

Tarot Talk with Spiritboy

To those of you starting your spiritual journey or the others that are looking to augment their  portfolio of skills, tarot cards represent a wise investment. Most people think of
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Spiritboy Psychic

Psychic Readings

For those that have worries around work or friends during this time of corona virus, please remember to look at the bigger picture. So often in life we don’t have
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Spiritboy Reading Tarot

My New Website

Tarot Learning Live Hi everyone, hope you are starting to get towards normality with the influences of corona virus around the world. Well again I have put up another website
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