Illusion of the Physical Body

Spiritual Body

I pondered over the title ” Illusion of the Physical Body” on this post for a while, but it is a topic that is important to all spiritually aware people. I strongly believe that while we are in this physical world we act out our own personal play with the actors and characters that inter react with us throughout this life and other lifetimes. I also believe that before we are born into the physical world we choose our parents and our date of birth and make agreements with a lot of other souls/actors that interact with us. By doing this we chose as souls to learn certain lessons from other people in our life. A simple example of having supportive parents verses having dysfunctional parents will allow your soul a totally different set of circumstances to grow from.

Even when I was young, long before I started my journey as a psychic, I always felt there was something more than what we see. Over my lifetime looking back at all the hard lessons I’ve learnt, I wish then that I had a truly understanding of what my soul was seeking to learn from those experiences. (See Spiritboy’s Life Journey)

When we are born into the physical body and leave our permanent home in spirit and so are born with no memory of our eternal home and so the physical world becomes our all and end all. Our ego comes to the forefront and we start to feel separated from others and the theme of us verses them comes into play. So many wars, cultural differences and hardships are created from people thinking they are better than others. We are all connected in spirit and working together even if we don’t realise it down here.

The physical body is always connected with our soul. Our ego and mind tend to be the rulers down here of our physical body until we become spiritually awakened. This ego often makes us feel separated from other souls but that is only the illusion of the mind. We are all connected with each other through love in our permanent spiritual home. Often the people who cause us the most grief in life can be our closest friends in spirit just playing a part down here for our soul to learn a lesson. When you understand that we chose our lifepath down here before we are born, we need to look at ourselves and what we are trying to learn from the experience instead of blaming others for our misfortune.

Even though we have free will, most of us will still look to follow our predestined path. Even when we slip of the path our guides and angels in spirit will help us back to the path if we listen.

How do we listen? Meditation and finding a quite space to tap into your soul and hear your spirit guides talking to you. These often come through as feelings or inspirations and even as flashes of a movie. Just learn to trust and develop your intuition or gut feeling. Remember we can choose how we learn our lessons the easy way or the hard way, but remember our soul chose this path for a reason.

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