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Welcome to the wonderful world of intuition and self-discovery. Sit back over your wonderful smelling brew and learn the art of coffee and tea reading for fate or fortune. Most people believe only a few lucky people can read your coffee grains or tea leafs to predict your future. The truth is anyone can do it. Yes with a bit of training and opening and release of our intuition, it is possible for all those who want to learn this ancient art. The best part of this journey is the enjoyment of our favorite brew through all our senses. Imagine how popular you will be with your friends and neighbours when they learn you can glimpse into their future.

This book is designed in plain easy to understand language for those that would like to learn to read coffee or tea cups. This art is many century’s old and a great way to get to know people. This eBook covers the symbols, meanings and positions on the cup as well as much more. We start with the history and then learn how it works and up to what equipment to best to use. It has many sections that help you understand the techniques and symbology and meanings in the bottom of your cup. It even has a chapter on frequently asked questions and answers. The E book is in PDF Format and can be downloaded once payment is done.

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To Purchase a PDF Download Copy – $12.50 AUD

Sample of (Tea & Coffee Guru) Ebook

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