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eBook – Soul Lessons Through Numerology and Star Signs

Look at Your Star Sign or Zodiac

Ebook – Life Lessons through Numerology/ Star Signs for Beginners

eBook – Life Lessons Through Numerology and Star Signs.  So much information can be gleaned from our date of birth. Not only does it help us understand our chosen path but also makes us aware of others around us. Ever wondered why you can along with a stranger and not with a member of your family? Numerology and Star Signs can help you understand how we are all different and travel under different vibrations or energies. Learn what your Life Path is and why you chose to be born on a certain day. All these pearls of wisdom can help you understand your journey and your interaction with others.
Did you know every year we go through a different personal year vibration? Find out which year you are in now and what it means.

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Learn Numerology and Star Signs for Beginners Ebook

Soul Lessons

Ebook – Numerology/ Lifepaths for Beginners. In this easy to understand, step by step process that gives a novice a basic understanding of their soul lessons we came here to learn. With over 90 pages of information and exercises this E book is a must for those that want to start unlocking their potential . I have based this Ebook on the many years of teaching numerous classes to make it easy to read and use.I use this technique in my psychic readings to tune into their life lessons. You can download and print the Ebook in colour from home or read it directly from the computer, it your choice.

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Understanding Your Life Lessons.

Ebook – Life Lessons Through Numerology/ Star Signs for Beginners

Spiritboy has developed this easy to use eBook that leads you through understanding your energies and tendencies you were born with. Through his simple way, you can practice and learn to develop your soul lessons to help you lead a fun, happy life without conflict or anger. We all have different lessons to follow, this Ebook will help you find yours. Numerology is an art that goes back to the ancient Greeks and has been updated and modernised to serve our time.
(Included subjects are Lifepaths, birth day number, birth charts and much more including looking briefly into your starsign.)

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