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Tea & Coffee Readings Ebook

Spiritboy Tea and Coffee Readings

This E book is all about having fun by reading tea and coffee cups and glimpsing into your future. In this easy to use manual you will find all the things you will need to be reading your tea leaves or coffee reside in no time. With over 125 Pages of information this Ebook has all the knowledge you will need to enjoy your tea or coffee and then do a reading for yourself or others. A great book to print and have on the coffee table to create conversion. I have based this Ebook on the many years of teaching numerous classes to make it easy to read and use. You can download and print the A4 Ebook in colour from home or read it directly from the computer or tablet, it your choice.

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Understanding Your Intuition through the Tea Leaves.


The Ebook explains  in an easy to use format and has sections for both reading tea leaves and for reading coffee foam or residue. A long list of possible symbols is included at the back to find out what your are seeing in your cup. It wont take you long to start seeing symbols in your coffee cups or tea leaves. Well over 125 pages of information, a must read E book for those that you like to learn this ancient art over your favorite brew or cuppa. Invite friends over and see what you can see in each others cups. Fun for all the family or to bring out at a party.

Payments on this website are accepted via secure PayPal services.

Have Fun Over a Cuppa!