Numerology & Lifepaths for Beginners

  • An eBook that allows us to search what our soul wanted to achieve this lifetime. Every date of birth is unique and this eBook shows us how to understand our lessons and our drive to accomplish what we need to do this time round. This system is what I use for my psychic readings to tune into people before the reading. Everyone can use this system and find how to make better relationships and friendships. Learn how to negate the hard lessons we send ourselves to find more joy and love. Based on the Pythagoras system I have modernise and the ebook cover birth energies, lifepaths, birth charts and personal year vibrations and much more. We even look briefly at star signs and how they effect us and those we love. A must have companion to understanding ourself and other in our life. The ebook has 95 pages of up to date information to help you lead better more fruitful lives.