Day Healing Course

Come Along & Join In The Fun!

Energy Healing Course with Spiritboy

I run a full one day beginners energy healing workshop in Whitfield, Cairns. Please be quick to book and confirm your place as these workshops are quite popular and fill up quickly. The day will entail learning about connecting yourself and others to use the freely available universal energy or prana and then finding out how to incorporate our intuition and intent into healing yourself and others. The emphasis is on having fun, laughter and learning. We will learn about Auras, Chakras and many other ways of healing the human body. This energy healing can even be used on animals and children.

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So Much to Learn!

Spiritboy's Pendulums

 We will also explore chakras, pendulums, crystals, protection and auric fields and how we can best work with them using various healing techniques. By the end of the day you will be practicing healing each other and tuning into others to help them. No experience is necessary and the course will cover from novice to practitioner and I encourage you to come along to have fun and learn. All workshop materials provided. Use of a pendulums in healing and chakra use will also be practiced. You will also learn, own and program your very own quartz crystal to take home for protection or to use it in healing. Bring some extra money if you want to purchase some crystal, minerals, pendulums as I have plenty available for sale at a great price.

Payments on this website are accepted via secure PayPal services.

Certificate Included!

Heather with her Crystal Grid, Spiritboy's Courses

Over the day we will learn how to treat others on healing tables with and without the different types of crystals/ wands as well as learning to use crystal healing grids in practice. So come along and meet like minded people.  Cost is at an affordable price for a fun informative day. Group discounts of 3 or more, and concessions are available so why not organize a group of your friends and drop me a email.

At the end of the day if you have participated in the learning you will receive a certificate of attainment for the course. For those wanting to redo the same course and top up their knowledge with more practice the fee is only $50 (without the manual and certificate). Contact me to Re-book please

Payments on this website are accepted via secure PayPal services.