Energy Healing

Energy healing with Chakras, Spiritboys Course
Balancing Chakras

Reiki or spiritual healing is a non-invasive way to move energy around and through the body, to enable healing on both emotional and physical levels. Like anything in healing, the person has to be open to it and give permission to allow the energy or life force to flow. Reiki has several different branches or types, but for me the most important aspect should be good intent for the person being healed. Often you can find a small spiritual groups near you that might come together for reiki/ spiritual healing night regularly. It is a great way to find out and learn this valuable healing tool. For those that would like to learn energy healing through my courses please click here

For those that want to enjoy the Spiritual Healing /Reiki in relaxed peaceful surroundings, I offer Spiritual Healings just by themselves or combined with Psychic Readings, the choice is yours.Try this hour long relaxation and healing session. The Spiritual Healing is a gentle non-invasive method of clearing and realigning your energies. By realigning and working with your chakras, I am able to clear blockages and allow new energy to come through. The session often involves calming meditative music and healing crystals placed around you, allowing for a natural personal experience. This hour long session enables me to spend more time on the healing process for you. Most people walk away from the table in a peaceful and meditative state, a time out if you will. For booking on a lovely Energy And Chakra Balance, please click on this link