Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens in a psychic reading?

The readings are held privately in a peaceful air conditioned room. They are friendly, personal, non judgemental and in a one on one space. I use a combination of many skills such as channelling, clairvoyance, psychic feelings, as well as other tools such as tarot and numerology to help find your answers. I can help with messages from your higher self, guides, angels and helpers from the other side for you to find a way back on your path to happiness, life direction or love. I also regularly pick up messages from deceased loved ones and spirit guides who have passed over. What needs to come through for you, will. For more information on friendly psychic readings click here

  • Are your readings confidential and helpful?

Most certainly, one of the most important aspects of my work is confidentiality. You can tell me anything and I will not judge or lecture. My aim and desire is to help you through life’s ups and downs in the most loving and compassionate way. Often just talking about issues can help and make us feel lighter to find that direction we need to follow. We all need at times to be able to express and talk about our worries and concerns. Society, life and work pressures tend to make people keep important things to themselves allowing important matters not to be dealt with. Talking with me helps you acknowledge and hopefully work though them, releasing the stress and moving forward.

  • Are you any good?

I have extensive experience and have been reading psychic tarot for many years in many overseas countries as well as Australia. I always get great feedback, often months or years after the reading. Please refer to the client’s feedback to see for yourself. I have taught tarot and many other skills to many students over the years and regularly run a variety of courses and workshops. I have mentored and organized and ran spiritual development nights at our local spiritual centre as well as my own self-development courses for many years. I continue to learn and have a strong connection to spirit through my intuition. Please book a reading or healing and see for yourself.

  • How quickly can I book in for a reading?

Generally the same day or the next one, depending on when and where you book. On Thursdays and Sundays I read from the Crystal Ball Bookstore (40311482), 91 Grafton Street, Cairns from 9.30 AM to around 3.00 Sundays and 9.30am to 4.00 on Thursdays. Other times from my private reading rooms at Whitfield by appointment.

  • Can I ask questions during the reading?

Most certainly and I encourage you to. The best way is to write them down before you come in and bring them to the reading. You would be amazed at the number of people that forget to ask important questions for themselves on the day of the reading. Most times however we cover all your questions throughout the reading. The important issues always come up to help you in finding your direction and happiness again.

  • How long does a psychic reading go?

Generally it takes around 50 minutes to one hour. This is usually enough time to convey all the important information to you with clarity and compassion. I start with your date of birth and you received a small booklet (In Person Readings Only) that has your unique personal numerology in it. This allows me to start tuning in to you and this process in itself can explain many of the trials and tribulations you may be going through at present or in the past. Next the cards are shuffled and we are off into the tarot reading with intuitive messages from your guides and loved ones from the other side. Questions can be asked at any time during the reading and this often allows us to go into the issues at a deeper level at that time.

  • How quickly can I have another reading?

It’s up to the individual and what you are going though at that particular time. Everyone is different but most people will know when they need one or they will get directed to me if they listen to their inner self. Often clients just come to get help with advice or counselling for a difficult time they may going through. Remember to trust your inner voice.

  • I have never had a reading before.

I specialize in new clients by guiding and explaining everything during the process. I can show you the spread or layout I use and explain all in a clear and concise way. It nothing to be frightened about, so come along and please give it a go and you will love he experience. It amazing what can come out to help you through a difficult time. Book a reading

  • How do I book a reading?

Simply click here to take you to the Reading Booking Page, or e-mail me on or simply ring or text me on 0418773614 (Local Australia Only) to book directly, it’s that easy.

  • Do you do email readings?

Yes I do. But I highly recommend the personal or phone reading for the simple reason you will receive so much more information in a one to one reading that will bring a lot more clarity and understanding to any situation. Sometimes email readings still need further clarity to understand the reasons behind what you are experiencing, and we can go back and forward. It is far cheaper and quicker and more detailed to get a full reading.

  • Do you run psychic courses?

Yes. The classes are kept small and intimate to enable maximum support and guidance. They are run regularly, so if you’re interested please drop me a line and I will let you know when the next course is available. I usually run them on Saturday at times to suit most people. Whether I run a class of 1 or 10, the emphasis is on personalized learning at a pace you are comfortable with. Courses can be designed to suit your interests. Click here for further information on courses or contact me on 0418773614 or through this email link for further Information. For those wanting a one on one personal teaching experience I am available to help train or help you in the direction you seek. Click here for one on one private mentoring.

  • Can I record the session or wrote things down?

Yes you can, I encourage you to record the session on your smart phone or voice recorder. Often what you are dealing with at present will only be on your mind and important messages for the future will not be heard or understood at that time. By recording it, you have the benefit of listening to it, time and time again and receive further clarity in the future, when you are ready to hear it. A lot of information comes out in a session. For those without a phone to record, a pen and paper is provided as well.

  • What is a crystal, reiki, pranic or energy healing?

Reiki, crystal or spiritual healing is a non-invasive way to move energy around and through the body, to enable healing in both the emotional and physical levels. We have energy all around us and by tapping into this field we can help you move stuck or heavy dark energy whether it be emotional, spiritual or physical in your body. Often we will carry issues and wounding from childhood or experience trauma until we learn to release it and move on. Stuck energy has the very real chance of causing physical or mental health issues in the human body sooner or later if you ignore the signs and symptoms. One of the main benefits of a healing is to relax the mind and de-stress the body. Usually most people enjoy a deep sleep the night after the healing. Often the healing keeps working for a further 2 or 3 days as the body detoxifies. Plenty of drinking water is recommended. I always recommend to my clients to seek professional help from your GP or health professional if needed.
Click here for more information.

  • Do you do Mediumship?    

I am currently working with my mediumship abilities. I do not classify myself yet as a fully fledged medium but I often will have relatives and people who have passed coming in during the reading or healing. This is not scary or intimidating but the opposite when they bring through love and understanding. They often give us messages of love and reassurances of life after physical death. Our guests typically come through at the start of the reading or even sometimes before you get there. If there is anyone you would like to connect with, I need to hear their first name and often we can connect with them. This I cant guarantee though, but we can do our best. For even in spirit we learn and grow.

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