Grounding or Earthing

Effect of Nature on our Energy Fields.  The human aura is always larger outside when in direct contact with the earth and elements (grounding). Our natural connection with the earth has changed a lot in the last 150 years with the industrial revolution pulling more people into the cities and away from the land. Leading long term to people getting more and more stress when they can’t ground themselves like they once did. The effect of nature and the four elements is nourishing to the human energy field or aura because we resonate at a similar frequency. Stuck in concrete and steel jungles with stress, worry and dead lines is not optimum for the human body. When walking through the rainforest or bush walks I always feel the refreshed energy from mother-nature. “Have you ever heard of a rainforest robbing people’s energy? No, but everyone has heard of hugging a tree makes you better.”The four elements of water, fire, air and the earth can easily transform our aura into a stronger and more potent field. These four elements (in moderation) can help strengthen our fields. Any excess such as feeling the effects of a cyclone, getting sun burnt or near drowning will not help our energy field at all and will hold the opposite effect. When you are sick on a cold winter’s morning, just getting outdoors on the grass with sunshine warming you, is a true blessing. It connects us to the earth and nature. Getting outside your drab four walls of your room and sitting in the park or around a lake, can recharge you and have such a positive effect on your aura. Activities such as walking barefoot on the beach, gardening in the dirt, also enlarge and boost our auric field, so get outside if you feeling down and miserable. It might just give you that bit extra of zing to get you back on track.

We need to ground our emotions and thoughts, Spiritboy, Cairns
We need to ground our emotions and thoughts, Spiritboy, Cairns

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Written by Steve Parker – Spiritboy.

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