House Energy Clearing (Cairns Area)

Clearing heavy energy
Saging to clear negative energy with Spiritboy Steve

I offer services of clearing heavy or unwanted energy from around the house or business in the Cairns region. What is energy clearing? Often when moving into an new / old house you can feel something is not right or that there is a strange unwanted energy in your house. Something left over from the previous owner maybe?  Or did you have had someone staying there temporarily who isn’t happy in life or depressed and left you with a parting gift of sad heavy energy. I can help with bringing your space back into a peaceful state. Bringing your energy back into balance and clear any unwanted heavy energy. The process usually involves walking around and tuning into your rooms and areas and mentally clearing anything unwanted. Sage is also burnt and my special mix of holy water is then applied bringing the energy back to resonate with your peaceful needs. Other methods may be used depending on the circumstances. Reasons for needing clearing are varied but the common symptoms are people who have lived there before may have had an intense sadness or loss during their stay.  Drug or alcohol abuse, anger, violence and death can also leave unwanted residues. Bad and disruptive energy can stick to the walls or anywhere it was thrown and projected. For sensitive people this can be overwhelming and draining. Signs often include spouses or family suddenly find they are fighting over nothing as they absorb the heavy energy within the walls. Quiet peaceful people become stressed and unwell. Others may not be able to get a good night sleep and wake up tired and unrested. Occasionally unwanted or gentle spirits may show there presence and need to be moved on. Children often can pick up subtle energy and they may see or feel things adults can’t. Children up until 7 or 8 are very sensitive and can often talk or feel spirit people around them. Often this causes them not to sleep well and wake up tired and cranky.

Saging information

Please feel free to call me or text me on 0418773614 if you are unsure or want to know how to proceed.

Book – Cairns Area   $130.00  AUD

Book – Edmonton and Gordanvale  $150.00 AUD

Book – Trinty, Kewarra and Palm Cove Beaches  $150.00