Intuitive eBooks

My Intuitive eBooks are full of information on spiritual subjects.

eBooks Can Be Ordered Through Their Individual Links.

These Intuitive eBooks are a great way to learn in the privacy of your own home. They are full of intuitive and informative information on the various subjects. Written by a professional with the novice in mind. They are available through the links in (PDF format).

Tap into your hidden potential by exploring this important facet of human nature. In this easy to understand, step by step process that gives a novice a basic understanding into developing their psychic skills. Exercises for the novice and others.

The cards can give you access to this inner knowledge to guide you to better way of life. Also when you learn the tarot you will be popular with your friends, lining up for readings. You be amazed at the messages that comes from the cards once you understand their meanings.

So much information can be gleaned from our date of birth. Not only does it help us understand our chosen path but also makes us aware of others around us. Ever wondered why you can along with a stranger and not with a member of your family?

This E book is all about having fun by reading tea and coffee cups and glimpsing into your future. In this easy to use manual you will find all the things you will need to be reading your tea leaves or coffee reside in no time.