Kirlian Cameras to see Auras

Leafs life force, Spiritboy, Cairns
Leafs life force, Spiritboy, Cairns

Kirlian Cameras or Aura cameras are sometimes advertised as being able to take aura colour photographs of the body and as well as inert objects such as leaves, flowers and other inert objects. The reason auras are hard for most humans to see are they range just outside our normal range of vision. Certain people that are gifted or with training are able to see auras naturally. These people have the wonderful ability to see others in a different way than most of us. I know of one such gifted psychic who has the knowledge and wisdom that helps many people whom he reads for. His main visual sense to see the persons aura, helps him in diagnosing clients to guide them in the areas they need. His name is Vinny and he is truly a gifted healer.

The truth of Aura or Kirlian cameras is not quite that simple. The photo is not of a true aura but an electronic representation of one. Let me try and explain. The human body generates an electromagnetic field as well as light, sound, heat and a gravitational field. (E.E.G machines for your heart health for example, measure the electromagnetic field of the heart.) The electro-magnetic field surrounding the body is also called an aura. The aura or Kirilian camera does not directly take a picture of the aura, but translates the frequency and field to a computer generated set of colour or colours. In other words a translation or electronic interpretation of your aura from a machine to something our eyes will recognize. The visible light spectrum that most of us can see is a combination of many primary colours, these are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Our body aura and personality change when our physical, emotional, or mental situation do. Many of the psychic fair cameras only take the head and shoulder regions of our body which will have a lot to do with our emotions and thoughts at that time of our life when the photo was taken. Colours are representative of our main concerns at the time of the camera shot. What position the colours land around our body will indicate what each part in us feels, for example in broken bones or diseases, the physical indications of stress or trauma can show. Outside influences such as other interrelating with other people and situations can also change our aura. The auras of two beings that like or love each other will mix while the auras of two who dislike the other will repel each other, but can still have a negative effect on both parties. There are the seven primary colours which can also mix into millions of different shades and blends, just as we used to mix paint colours at school, the camera can do the same. In the main, most people will show one main colour predominately with some minor shades.  I offer Chakra, Aura and Energy Balance in my one on one Healings, Click Here

What Colours Represent.

Red: This colour is all about passion, excitement, sexual energy and strength. Too much or a murky red can indicate an imbalance of temper and aggression.

Orange: Orange is a warm, comforting and creative. Social and joy are positive attributes. Dark orange or murky can represent greed, worry and vanity issues.

Yellow: The mental colour yellow represents our thinking processes. It can indicate wisdom, learning and openness. Dark yellow or murky can represent depression or indicate too much activation of the mind and over analysing things leading to more stress and worry.

Green: The colour of healing, sensitivity, compassion, friendliness and abundance. Dark green or murky can represent miserliness, jealousy, controlling or mistrust.

Blue: The Colour of quiet and calm, devotion, seriousness and truth fall under its banner. Dark blue or murky can represent blocked ideas, excess worrying and over sensitivity.

Purple/Violet: The colour of blending of the physical with the spiritual, humanity, intuition and independence. Dark Purple or murky is about misunderstanding, overbearing and intimidating.

Pink: The colour of purity, compassion and love. A reflection of love and companionship. Murky pink can reflect immaturity or a lack of truthfulness.

Gold: Represents spiritual energy and a strength in one’s power, devotion and true harmony. Dark gold or murky can be a sign of emerging awareness, a work in process so to speak.

White: White has a combination of all the colours. In strength it is truth and purity and awakening of creativity.

Grey: A colour of unveiling hidden abilities. The energies are usually are in the field of illumination, intuition and creative juices. Dark greys can be physical imbalances, especially next to organs or areas in the body.

Brown: New growth and laying of roots. On the negative can indicate need to clean the chakras or energy centres or health issues.

Black: Is a strange colour. On one hand it can represent the person is protecting their aura but is also be an indication that someone is hiding something. Black can also mean that imbalances or holes in the aura. Effects of sexual, mental or other forms of abuse can lead to a ripping of the aura which will leak energy which can be hard to fix. It is a result of the conscience being ripped out of the physical body during the abuse, this is a reason why abused victims can often forget much of the abuse or block the memory of it.

Summary: It has my experience that anyone practicing psychic development and not protecting themselves will sooner or later get hit with bad negative energy. Try different techniques and use the ones that feel right or work for you. A lot of people will use more than one form of protection, so try a few. These are only some of the techniques for protecting your energy. Remember,experiment till you find the one that works for you. Click on the links for those that want to learn more on my Psychic Development Course, or to learn Energy Healing. Good Luck

Written by Steve Parker – Spiritboy.

Author, Professional Reader, Psychic and Workshop Facilitator.

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Below is an aura camera shot taken about 10 years ago of myself, The main colour is red which can indicate Passion, movement and excitement especially if the colours are clearer.

Kirlian Camera photo of Spiritboy, Cairns
Spiritboy’s Aura Photo

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