Life Lessons Through Numerology/ Star Sign Course, Cairns

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Numerology a key to your future/ Spiritboy
Numerology/ Starsign Course, Cairns

Life Lessons Through Numerology and Star Signs Course, Cairns.

(Course will be held when numbers are obtained and full. Please check with me via email or phone for approximate dates 0418773614.)

Welcome to my brand new course. Numerology and Star signs. Find out why we keep attracting the wrong sort of people into our life or why you keep having the same sort of issues. In the course we will explore our life path and choices and where our strength and issues may lay. Both numerology and sun signs are an important part of who we are, like a footprint. The more we know about them, the more we know about ourselves and our true path. Join me for this fun one day course to explore the fascinating world of numbers, birth dates and names. We will look at your life lessons through personal strengths and areas of difficulties you experience.

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So Much to Learn!

Star Sign Course by Spiritboy
Numerology/ Starsign Course, Cairns

 I will be running a full day workshop for beginners and like-minded people from 9.00 am till appropriately 3.00 pm at Whitfield, Cairns. Both of these modalities have been born in the far distant past going back thousands of years. We work with an modern updated method to help us understand ourselves and what we choose to be this lifetime and how we learn to grow with knowledge and compassion. We are born into this lifetime to learn our lessons for the growth of our soul. My courses are purposely kept small in numbers to maintain a close friendly group to learn and have fun in. The course will include a work manual to use and take home to further your learning. All workshop materials supplied. I have been teaching psychic development and numerology for many years and we always have a lot of fun and laughter while we learn, so please come along and join in.

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Lifepath and Energies Around You!

Soul Lessons eBook by SPIRITBOY
Numerology and Starsigns Course, Cairns

We look how you can make your life better through understanding our life-paths we have pre-chosen for ourselves. See how our family and relationship dynamics are shaped by different energies and how the lessons we set for ourselves in spirit do not always have to come with pain. So come along and explore this vast world of numbers vibrations and star signs. Learn about the different dynamics you, your friends and family play with. Numbers help us understand others both in their characteristics and choices. A comprehensive work manual is included with the course to take home. At the end of the day if you have participated you will receive a certificate of attainment for the course. For those wanting to redo the same course (if space allows) and top up their knowledge with more practice the fee is only $60 (without the manual and certificate). Contact me to re-book 

Payments on this website are accepted via secure PayPal services.