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Learn About your Souls Journey Through the Numbers Of Your Date Of Birth.

 Hi, ever wanted to learn more about Numerology and Star Signs but didn’t know where to start. This is the perfect solution to learn with a professional Psychic. I am now running beginners on-line Numerology / star Signs learning courses via zoom. The course is based on my personal workshops that I have designed and been running for years. I like to keep the learning experience fun and practical. So come along and have fun.

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Do you Know Your Star Or Sun Sign Tendancies?

The reading is first. I use the tarot cards, along with all aspects of clairvoyance and spirit guidance. I bring empathy, skill, sensitivity to each client’s session, enabling a clear understanding of the messages coming through. I am very much involved in helping people develop their understanding of their chosen life path and with it, their spiritual growth and lessons. I provide a wide mix of skills to cater for your needs in this personal one-on-one session. I also can use counselling and other skills to align to your personal individual needs at the time of your reading.

Payments on this website are accepted via secure PayPal services.

On Line is Fun Quick and Easy.

Session 1 Week One – Learning the Basics of Numerology (approx 2 hours)

Session 2 Week Two – Learning the Basics of Star Signs (approx 2 hours)

Session 3 Week Three – Tying it all together and how to look at Life Paths and Lessons. (approx 2 hours)

During and after the course I encourage my students to connect with each other to further their skills by reading for each other.

Learn from a professional to help yourself and others. Tarot is a great tool to develop your intuition and have fun at the same time. Further information call on 0418773614 in Australia or email 

Payments on this website are accepted via secure PayPal services.

So Much to Learn!

 We will start by first learning the background and history of numbers and star signs. From here we will learn about our life paths and how to interpret our patterns. You will be working along side a comprehensive manual full of information to get you started that you can download and use forever. I like to keep the classes small to enable more one on one  time on line. The great thing about meeting others on line is that you can work together to learn with each other. Course will be run when the classes are filled and will be advised asap.

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