Ever Wanted To Learn the Tarot But Didn't Know Where To Start.

Learn On Line With a Professional Fulltime Tarot Reader.

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 This is the perfect solution to learn from a professional reader. I am now running beginners on-line Tarot learning courses via zoom. The course is based on my personal Tarot workshops that I have designed and been running for many years. I like to keep the learning experience fun, fresh and practical. We will start by first learning the background and history and then get right into it and start getting into the meaning of the suites and the individual cards. From there we go on to learn the skills and layouts needed to read for yourself and others.

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A Comprehensive Learning Course.

You will be sent via email an Ebook and work with this comprehensive 130 page A4 manual full of information to get you started. You can download, print and use forever. I like to keep the classes small to enable more one on one  time with each of you while we are on line. The great thing about meeting others on the course is that you can work together to learn the Tarot and do readings for each other during and after our time together. The course entails 3 two hour sessions and a 130 page manual and a chance to connect with others to carry on learning together. Course will be run when the classes are filled and will be advised asap. The Ebook and course will use Rider Waite cards particularly the Radiant Brand which are the ones I use, sell and recommend.

Payments on this website are accepted via secure PayPal services.

Basic Course Structure.

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Session 1 Week One – Learning the Basics- Suites & individual cards (approx 2 hours)              

Session 2 Week Two – Layouts and methods and putting it together (approx 2 hours)

Session 3 Week Three – Tying it all together and how to improve your readings. (approx 2 hours)

During and after the course I encourage my students to connect with each other to further their skills by reading for others. Learn from a professional to help yourself and help others. Tarot is a great tool to develop and hone your intuition while have fun at the same time. For further information call me on 0418773614 in Australia or email spiritboy73@gmail.com

Payments on this website are accepted via secure PayPal services.

Start Reading Ebook Before Course Starts!

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When you book the course I will send you a link to download the Study Manual Tarot Ebook. This usually happens within a day or so. I encourage you to start reading the manual as early as possible so you will have an understanding when we go on line. A early reading of the manual before the course is essential to save time when we are learning the most important aspects on line. I always encourage people when we are together to ask questions to help you fully understand the teachings. Please don’t fear learning on line as it will be fun and you will connect with like minded souls.