Meditation Guide

Meditating on Doube Island.
Calming the Mind before a Reading

In this short article, you can start to learn about how to mediate and calm yourself. By doing meditation regularly you can start to clear your mind and unclutter your life. Meditation is about an inner journey that is both personal and enlightening. It allows us to reach in and communicate with our most inner spirit, soul or essence, allowing us, if we are persistent, to view the world and people around us in a different way. Through regular practice daily, you can open your channel of guidance and energy. The longer and more often you practice the deeper and more relaxed you will become. In the beginning the logic part of your mind will try to take over and hijack your experience. When this happens, acknowledge it and release your conscience from those day to day worries and concentrate for example on your regular deep breathing and keep centering yourself.

  1. Detach from the World.
    You need to be able to pull yourself away from all your worldly worries and concerns, release any distractions away from the outside physical world. Turn off all phones and eliminate noise and distractions as much as you can. At first the mind will be flooded with all sorts of worries and concerns. The mind (our mental brain) does not like losing control over our body, so it will fight to retain control. Stick to detaching from it and you will succeed and in the long run it won’t feel threatened when you go into yourself and meditation.
  2. Relax to Go Deeper.
    Learn to relax your body and let go your fears and anxiety’s. Control and focus on your breathing and slowly bring your attention into yourself. Doing mediation regularly allows the body to take over from the mind to put you in a deeper state, allowing you access to the deeper areas of your inner knowledge. Even to the point of mediating on a busy bus or train, after regular practice you can settle down quite fast and distance yourself from the stress and pressures of life. Time out to rest your mind and body, so to speak. Nature, relaxing music or guided mediation tapes are excellent ways to start your journey and still your mind and go down deep and deeper into your soul.
  3. Focus and Concentration and Practice.
    This is the foundation of any true meditative practice. Initially as with any pursuit we need to focus on our goal, whether through breathe or other medium to get our mind and body used to reaching the deeper states quickly and easier. By continued and regular meditation at a set time our mind and body will follow and a peaceful stress-less state should follow. Start out with a few minutes a day and then increase the length over time. Having a meditative CD or even some quiet soft music you like, is a good way to begin. It is a personal journey, so good luck and success to a more enlightened and peaceful life.

Written by Steve Parker – Spiritboy.

Author, Professional Reader, Psychic and Workshop Facilitator.

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