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Numerology / Numbers of your Life Path.

Life Path is your Birth Date added Together, Spiritboy, Cairns Courses
For those that haven’t heard about numerology, I will start with a short introduction. Numerology in one form or another has been around for thousands of years and generally runs on a cycle between 1 and 9. It a subject that I find works well for me in psychic readings to help guide and let my clients understand the lessons they have come here to learn. Using the person’s sun or star sign adds another layer to that person’s general character, traits and tendencies in life. Life path numbers are a sum of all of numbers in our birth date added together and are the energies that we carry throughout life. The life path numbers range from 1 through to 9. Masters numbers are double digits such as 11/2, 22/3, 33/6, 44/8. Master numbers are harder to work with and come with extra responsibility for the individual with dual lessons to obtain. Master Numbers is the soul working harder with greater difficulty and hopefully in a bigger sense for the purpose of helping humanity. For each life path number I will give a few general personality traits. Let’s now take a look at them:

Remember there are positive & negative side to the numbers, over time we hope we create more good than bad.
1. Creative, independent, egoistic and self-centered.
2. Considerate, cooperative and very sensitive, moody.
3. Friendly, talkative, artistic and sociable, gossip, superficial.
4. Practical, loyal and steadfast, long term views, rigid and missed opportunities, too much a home body.
5. Enjoys freedom, travel and is highly adaptable, loves change, stuck, controlled, manipulated.
6. Responsible, love of family, understanding, harmony, controlling, perfectionist, jealous, vindictive, addictions.
7. Spiritual, healer, sacrifice for others, trust, soul searching, isolationist, loner.
8. Career, finance, dedicated, workaholic, egoistical, all about money or lack of it, material world.
9. Romantic, organizer, humanitarian, endings, loss and sadness, broken hearted and closed off.

How do you find your life path Number? That is easy. Add up your date of birth as in these example?

Sue was born on the 7. 1. 1966 by adding 7+1+1+9+6+6 you get 30 which you add together and keep reducing it to a single digit, except in case of master numbers. So 30 is 3+0 =3. So Sue life Path is a 3.

Tom’s date of birth is 7.8.1985. So to work out his life path we add all the digits together again.

7+8+1+9+8+5 =38, 38 reduced is 3+8=11. So Tom is a master number 38/11/2.

Interesting in one week not to long ago, I read for 2 -11/2, 2 – 33/6 and 2 – 44/8 master numbers. The last one is extremely rare. Next time I will explore the year vibrations in numerology. If you want to find out more about numerology in one of my courses Click on this Link

Written by Steve Parker – Spiritboy.
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