Numerology- Personal Year Vibration.

Numbers are Energy
Every year we Have a Different Personal Vibration

In numerology your personal year vibration relates from birthday to birthday. Some numerologist may say it’s from the start of the year, but I feel that with each individual it should run from their birthdays. This would be their general starting and finishing point in the year for their vibration. Numerology year vibrations run from Year 1 to Year 9 and we continue in this cycle till you leave this planet. Every year has a different vibration or feel to it. 1 Years have to do with beginnings and 9 Years about endings. If you think back over your life when things came crashing down around you, relationships broke down and disaster seem to happen all the time, you could have been in a 9 cleansing year. How do we find a personal year vibration from your birthday, it’s really quite easy.

Let’s say Jeff’s Birthday is on the 25/3/1989. We add Jeff’s day and month of birth together with the current year. 25/3/2018 becomes 2+5+3+2+0+1+8 = 21, and add together till you get a single digit 2 + 1 = 3.

Now here is a list of what the years generally represent to us, keep in mind that sometimes people can run a bit later or early than shown. Some people may feel the energy of a 9 year before they are actually in it. We can run years in a positive (Movement) or Negative (resist Change).

Year vibration number: The energy of your year from birthday to birthday.

Adding your date and month of birthdate to current year

  1. New opportunities, recovery from a 9 year.
  2. Balance,health issues, relationships, moving forward or looking at issues.
  3. Creativity, hobby’s, social, study, pregnancy, expanding on what you have started.
  4. Building foundations and looking to future, stability or lack of it.
  5. Communication, travel, change. Don’t take on anything too serious or demanding this year.
  6. Commitments, family. A time to heal family, relationships issues are possible. Harmony or disharmony.
  7. Spiritual knowledge, inner guidance, soul searching. What do you want out of life?
  8. Material Gains / losses, new job/ promotion, karma issues and adjustments.
  9. Endings/ leaving, release anything that doesn’t serve us now in order to move forward. Clear out past, for fresh start. Things not working will usually become untenable now – this can includes relationships, friends, jobs, car or house.

Work out your year vibration and see how that fits into your life now. A very interesting exercise. Also look back on a couple of 9 year vibrations and see what changes happened to you around that time. It is interesting to see the relationship dynamics if you and your partner are in totally different cycles. It can really make it hard or easy, depending on where you both are in the cycles. Hope you have enjoyed this.

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Written by Steve Parker – Spiritboy.

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