Palmistry is full of Life
Hands can Reveal a lot about our Journey

Palmistry or Cheirosophy can be broken into two parts. Cheirognomy is the science of reading character or traits from the shape of the hand and fingers. The second part is Chiromancy the art of reading habits and actions, past, present or future from the palm and lines on them. For our part, palmistry will cover both arts. The hands and palms are broken down to different types and cover things such as shape, hardness and where lines appear and don’t appear. Palmistry is as old as the hills, some say it came from ancient Egypt others from Asia and China. Palmistry as we know it, combines all parts and is quite a complex art, although in saying this there are a few things you can learn that will nearly always start a conversational piece at parties. Like any art, there are always difference of opinion over the correct definition and meanings of the lines. No two palms are the same, just like fingerprints we are all different. For right hander’s the right hand is the hand of the fate or future, the left holds emotions and what was foreseen at birth. The opposite is true if you are left handed. The main lines in the hand are the heart line, life line and the fate line.

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Written by Steve Parker – Spiritboy.

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