Personal Spiritual Teaching / Counselling

I offer a personal one on one service for those that want to learn about anything metaphysical, spiritual or just want some guidance or counselling in life. Whether you want to learn or further your interest in tarot, energy healing, crystals, grids, pendulums, meditation, numerology, channelling, psychometry, palmistry or many other gifts, I can help. Call me on 0418773614 or email me to find out more information or arrange details. I offer friendly helpful ways of learning about your favorite subjects or interests. I have helped many trainee psychics, mediums, counsellors and healers on their journey of exploration and independence. We can also connect for one one teaching if you live away from Cairns through Skype or another platform such as Messenger or Whats-up.

$80 for the first hour and $50 for every hour after. Please talk to me if you need help or direction or just want details 🙂

Those that may want to join in my workshops in Cairns, please click here for more information

Robert & his Tarot Certificate with Spiritboy, Cairns
One on one training is available with Spiritboy

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