E-Book – Modern Tarot for Beginners (PDF)


As a resource for learning to read the tarot and understanding the symbols in the cards and layouts, I recommend my “Tarot for Beginners E Book.” E-Books are books that you can download over the internet as they are an “Virtual Book”.


Over the many years of teaching tarot to many different classes, Spiritboy has come up quick and modern way to help students learn the tarot. The old traditional way was usually handed down, but today you can learn this ancient art quickly. Often this was strictly guarded to limit this secret knowledge falling into unwanted hands.
Today this knowledge is available to all who want to spend some time and patience to learn this ancient art. With practice and a bit of fortitude you can also acquire the
wisdom of the ages through this book. It never hurts to look into your destiny to help avoid the pitfalls of life and find a better future. The cards can give you access to this inner knowledge to guide you to better way of life. Also when you learn the tarot you will be popular with your friends, lining up for readings. Enjoy.

Over the years of teaching tarot I have found the quick and easy way to understand and the cards. This book has 130 pages of information on all aspects of learning the tarot. It has everything you need from the individual card meanings to layouts and so much more. As a resource for learning to read tarot and understanding the symbols and layouts, I recommend my “Learning to Read the Tarot E Book.” The downloaded Format is PDF.

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