E Book – Psychic Development for Beginners (PDF)


Designed for the novice to explore their own inner journey with quick and easy to understand lessons. A must for those wanting to start on their psychic development.

Tap into your hidden potential by exploring this important facet of human nature.
In this easy to understand, step by step process that gives the beginner a basic
understanding into developing their psychic skills. With over 60 pages of
information and exercises this E book is a must for those that want to start
unlocking these skills.
Spiritboy has been running psychic workshops and teaching for many years.
Through his simple process of exploring the many aspects of this vast
subject, you can practice and learn to develop these many processes.
Included subjects are meditation, auras, chakras, psychic protection,
psychometry, flower readings, tea and coffee readings, kinder surprise
readings, cloud intuition, astral traveling, pendulums and how to use them,
mandalas, spirit guides and much more.

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