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Australia & Overseas Psychic Readings

Phone, Zoom, Psychic Readings

I service my clients from all  parts of the world such as New Zealand, Europe, England, USA as well as Australia. The psychic energy works just like radio and TV waves. I am able to tune into you and the information flows. I intuitively receive information through your date of birth, name or photo if available. My readings are in-depth, personalized and the one-on-one sessions are usually between 50 minutes to an hour. You are able to ask many questions throughout the reading and usually most will be answered by the end. We can connect with you on many platforms. With Zoom we can record the reading and I then I can send you the link to the recording via email.

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I Can Help You Find Clarity!

Phone, Zoom, Psychic Readings

 The Reading  includes, channeling, clairvoyance, numerology and psychic insights. My readings are also aided by the tarot cards, along with all aspects of clairvoyance and spirit guidance. I bring empathy and sensitivity to each client’s session, enabling a clear understanding of the messages coming through. I am able to intuitively tune in to your needs in an compassionate and caring way that best serves you going forward. I have been doing international psychic readings for many years and with technology being what it is, connecting across the other side of the world is quick and easy. Try to write down any questions  you would like me to answer for you before the reading. 

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How to Get the Most From the Reading!

Phone, Zoom, Psychic Readings

 Please keep in mind to relax before our session, as it will help with the connection with spirit and your higher self to enable for us to proceed easily. Please click on the button below to book a Zoom, Phone, Messenger, Whatups or Skype Reading. I will connect with you usually through email to arrange a time and day that is convenient to both of us.  At the time of the booking I will connect with you at the time specified, allowing for any time zone differences. Make sure you have a pen and paper ready. Please note all my reading are relayed in English. I prefer Zoom if possible as I have my personal room and it gives the best reception as well as the capacity to record. After booking a session, please keep in mind the zone differences from Cairns, Queensland, Australia (UTC/GMT +10 hours).

Payments on this website are accepted via secure PayPal services.

How Do We Connect!!

Phone, Zoom, Psychic Readings

I can connect with you though many platforms. When you book the session I will email you and we can discuss a platform that you prefer and connect at the appointed time, allowing for any time differences. Please remember time differences between Countries and States.

My time zone in Cairns, Queensland  is (GMT/UTC + 10:00h). 

Zoom Room (ID-8998957842) (Click here for the link to my room)           

Messenger (Steve Spiritboy)

Skype (ID- spiritboy34)

Whatsaap (+61 418773614)

Payments on this website are accepted via secure PayPal services.

Please remember to find a quiet space and be ready 5 minutes before the booking time to get the most from the reading. Make sure you have pen or paper or have some way of recording it when we start. 

If you connect late the reading may have to be cut short because of pre-arranged bookings.