Combined Healing & Psychic Reading.

Best Of Both Worlds! Reading & Healing.

 This is the best of both worlds, combining soul guidance and clarity with a relaxing detoxifying energy body healing. Generally the Psychic Reading is achieved within the first 45 to 50 minutes and then it’s time to relax and lay peacefully surrounded by calming music and healing stones to revive your tired body. Most of my clients choose this option, to get away from their day to day stress and help achieve inner peace. The healing calms the mind and body getting the soul time to relax and detoxify.

Both sessions total 120 Minutes (2 Hours)

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Your Psychic Reading First.

Spiritboy Reading Tarot

The reading is generally first for then you can relax on the healing table for the second half. In the reading I use tarot cards, along with clairvoyance and spirit guidance. I bring empathy, skill and sensitivity to each client’s session, enabling a clear understanding of the messages coming through. I am very much involved in helping people develop their understanding of their chosen life path and with it, their spiritual growth and lessons. I provide a wide mix of skills to cater for your needs in this personal one-on-one session. I also can use counselling and other skills to align to your personal individual needs.

Payments on this website are accepted via secure PayPal services.

Next We Have Your Healing!

Spiritboy Healing with Energy

Tailored to you, next the journey continues by relaxing peacefully in air conditioned comfort on my healing table in quite surroundings with gentle uplifting music.  In this meditative state you can chill out and let the body and mind recover. You get up feeling relax, energized and renewed. I can use many different healing modalities to help and I individualize the healing to the client. I also clean your aura, balance your chakras as well as saging & clearing your emotional, spiritual & physical bodies. If we have continual negative thoughts, have sick, sad, needy people around us, these will drain our energy and leave us feeling flat.

Payments on this website are accepted via secure PayPal services.

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(Please note those clients with severe or troublesome physical issues, depression and other medical problems, I always recommend that you see your G.P or Health Professional.)