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Energy Healing a client

The journey starts by relaxing comfortably in air conditioned comfort on my healing table in peaceful setting surrounded with gentle uplifting music. This is a great way to unwind from our busy lifestyle, personal issues and stresses. Surrounded by the subtle gentle healing vibrations of my many crystals, you can relax and let the mind and body drift off on a trip of peace, calm and quiet solitude. In this meditative state you can chill out for whatever time you choose. For most people 60 minutes is a great option and they get up feeling relax, energized and renewed. I can use many different modalities to help you and I individualize the healing to the client. I also clean your aura, balance your chakras as well as saging & clearing your emotional, spiritual & physical bodies. For more information or booking call or text on 0418773614. Please include your name. You can pay by Cash on the day if you prefer. Please allow for traveling and arrive 5 minutes before the allotted time so you can get maximum benefit.

Book 60 Minutes Crystal & Energy Healing………..$90 AUD

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What are Energy and Crystal Healings? Well for thousands of years primitive man, shamans and others have known about the uses and energy inside crystals. Even today computers and communications run from silicon chips or crystals. Around our physical body we have our auric energy fields through which we connect with the world and other people. We can also receive damage or cracks in the aura or unbalance in the chakras if we have continual negative thoughts, have sick, sad, needy people around us. All this will drain our energy and leave us flat. Even the continued stress through work, lack of finances or relationship issues, our fields will suffer and continue to be damaged. A crystal or energy healing at this time will feel like paradise as you relax and heal. If this field stays broken, weak or damaged, it can have major effects on our emotional, mental and physical well-being. By allowing the crystals to amplify positive energy I can strengthen and start the natural body healing process. I also sage cleanse the body and re balance the chakra’s to release blockages and bring in your optimal energy. Your body will then be topped up to its maximum amount of energy, ready for another day. Do yourself a favor and try this relaxing healing. I also do Psychic Readings at the Crystal Ball Bookstore on Thursdays and Sundays. Crystal Ball Bookstore is located at 91 Grafton St, Cairns not too far from Rusty’s markets in the middle of town. Hours are from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm on Thursdays and 9.30 am to 3.00 pm on Sundays. Book through the Crystal Ball by calling 40311482 and ask for a psychic reading with Steve Spiritboy. Spoil yourself today.

All other days by appointment from my private rooms at Whitfield, Cairns.

For those that want clarity with healing and a psychic reading, these are available as a combined service. For more information click here. Often we find ourselves lost and low in energy and this is a fantastic way to help yourself. Don’t you deserve to treat yourself, so book your session by calling Steve on 0418773614.

(Please note those clients with severe or troublesome physical issues, depression and other medical problems, I always recommend that you see your health professional.)

Energy healing
                               Moving Energy  Blockages within the Body by Steve Spiritboy

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