Psychic Readings (Cairns)

A one on one personal Psychic Reading in air conditioned comfort. I am able to intuitively tune in to your needs in an compassionate and caring way that best serves your needs going forward. The psychic reading usually lasts from 50 minutes to an 1 hour. It includes numerology, channeling, clairvoyance and psychic insights. The readings are conducted in beautiful peaceful surroundings at my Cairns address at Whitfield. My readings are also aided by the tarot cards, along with all aspects of clairvoyance, psychometry, numerology, photos and spirit guidance. I bring empathy, skill, sensitivity to each client’s session, enabling a clear understanding of the messages coming through. I am actively involved in helping people develop their understanding of their chosen life path and with it their spiritual growth and lessons. I provide a wide mix of skills to cater for your needs in this personal one-on-one session. I also can use counselling and other skills to align to your personal individual needs.

All bookings and payments are PayPal secured or you can pay in direct bank deposit within Australia or in Cash at the time of the Reading.
Book below or call me or text on 0418773614 to arrange a time.

Please allow time to arrive 5 minutes before the booking time as it get the most from the reading. If you arrive late the reading may have to be cut short because of pre-bookings. My readings include your basic life path, strength and issues through Numerology and Star Sign information on a take away brochure to view at your leisure. I encourage you to record the session on your smart phone or other recording device, as a lot of information will come through during the session. Most of the guided information coming through, you may not be dealing with at that moment but may show in the near future. By recording it you have the option of listening to it in the future or just to reinforce any information flowing through.

Book Psychic Reading $80 AUD

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