Spirit Guides or Angels.

Spirit guides and angels are our connection to the spirit world or source. They are there to help us through this life. The spirit guides will come and go throughout our life but we always have our main one that stays with us for life. Spirit guides have lived on earth before, even if they don’t incarnate any more. Often they were with us in former lives. They also can be our relations who pass over to spirit or higher energy beings that care and nurture us. You must ask for help or protection from them in order for them to help us. They can greatly help at what we go through in life and are there (if allowed) to help us. Remember they cannot help us unless we ask for it, because of free will.

Angels come from another realm and have not incarnated on Earth before. They are closer to source and are here to help and guide us. There are certain things they can help us with, especially in times of danger. They come from a purer source and many have different jobs. I will have another page soon of the business of the Angels-stayed tuned.

Before I read for someone I always ask for a ball of protection from my guides and angels to surround us in the reading room. By doing this, I connect to my client and myself to a pure source to bring out any information for their greater good. Remember our guides are there to help. All though our life, different guides will come and go as we move through different crisis’s and situations. I believe most people have at least 2 to 3 guides with them all the time and though they may change through our life they are always with us when called upon. Guides are our helpers on life in this world and they will try and steer us on our life path that we have chosen before coming down to this physical world.

Written by Steve Parker – Spiritboy.

Author, Professional Reader, Psychic and Workshop Facilitator.

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