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Making Holy Water
Spiritboy Explains How to Make Holy Water

Below is a simple recipe for making a mixture of pacifying and neutralizing spray you can use around the home and business every day if required. I use this mix when clearing home and spaces and my reading and healing rooms. Please make sure you have permission to use it if it is not your place or business. The ingredients are easy to find and are available from most new age shops or natural products stores. Please make sure you use pure undiluted essences and not mass manufactured perfume or the like. I prefer the pink Himalayan salt as it has purer uncontaminated elements. Rock salt can also be used but if you are where these are hard to find, table salt can be used. Glass spray bottle is preferred but plastic will work too. The last important thing to do is to meditate and sit with the mixture and send positive thoughts and white light into the bottle. Though this may sound silly to the novice it puts a positive vibration into the mix. Even though this mix is simple it can be used where ever when ever the area feels heavy or has a lot of movement of people or around a person that has an addictions or depression. I have yet to see anyone that hates the smell or get upset. But if this was to happen to the person, they may definitely have some issues to work through. It is also useful in children’s room to calm them down before bed or after school. Caution with use around those that may be allergic to lavender or rose. For those that would like to learn more about energy learn though my course Developing Psychic Intuition.

Recipe For Spiritboy’s Holy Water

  1. Purchase a small 500 ml Spray Bottle.
  2. Place 2 teaspoons of Salt into the bottle. (preferably Himalayan)
  3. Fill the spray bottle with warm water (Preferably with filtered or rain water). The warm (not hot) temperature is required for the activation of the blend.
  4. Place 20-30 drops of rose essence in bottle. (You can use more or less)
  5. Place 10 drops of lavender essence. (You can use more or less)
  6. Most important (Set a prayer of intention, holding the spray bottle and spend a moment placing positive and loving protection into the contents)
  7. Shake well before use and spray into the environment when needed.

Written by Steve Parker – Spiritboy.

Author, Professional Reader, Psychic and Workshop Facilitator.

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