"My Commitment is to Helping.."

I have been working and connecting in spiritual circles for many years and I have been called to my passion for counselling, guiding, healing and helping others. The last couple of years I have been developing my mediumship side to help bring through help and healing from the other side.  As a master number in my Lifepath, my physical journey in the past has never been easy. Throughout my lifetime I have had many ups and downs and I personally know what it is like to experience pain and suffering. No one has never handed me a silver spoon and I have had to work to achieve my goals, definitely what my soul asked for in this life.

Spiritboy and Mum

My Mother and Me

Mum worked a hard physical farm job to support us.

Coming from a poor background in a large city, I always felt out of place, confused and older than my years. I was shy, lonely and lacked attention. My father was an abusive violent alcoholic who was hardly home except at the weekends, mostly drunk, yelling, screaming and playing his jazz music loudly into the early hours. My sister, brother, mother and myself used to dread hearing the car revving up the driveway to a sudden stop because we knew the war was about to start. Dad always seemed to be coming home late on the weekends, drunk and angry. He drank most of wages each Saturday and Sunday. My mother put up with a lot from him and she was forced to work in a hard physical farm job trying to pay the bills. My sister, brother and myself looked after ourselves a lot after school and grew up as independent people. We had to as mother was working long hours to keep us all fed. I remember early days mum feeding us bread and fried dripping or fat, cause that is what she had growing up during and after the depression. Often there was no money so we used to buy chips from the local fish shop to feed the family. Mum tried her best in the essentials but couldn’t give us the love and affection we needed and wanted at a young age.

Roy William Parker

My Father

My father drank heavily and come home angry most weekends. He had his own wounding from losing both parents before he was six years old. He grew up in a orphanage during the depression.

Then in adolescence we lost my sister when she was only 15 when she was accidentally hit by a car crossing the road to get bread and milk for the family. She took a week to slowly die in hospital with head and body trauma. That one event changed everything in our lives and the family was never the same after that. Soon after dad was evicted with a domestic violence order against him and admitted himself to a mental hospital and I never saw him again for a few years till in my early twenties. Mum was in mourning with my sister Vicki and withdrew from society even more. Everyone within the family became distant to each other. My only blessing throughout my childhood was that I was guided to play footy at a early age. This enabled me to socialize and connect with other kids outside school to keep my sanity and grounding so to speak.

Vicki Parker

My Sister Vicki

My Sister got hit by a car and died at 15 years old.

 Shortly within a couple of years after I left school, I moved nearly 1700 km away from the family to Cairns and very slowly started to get my life in order. Life in tropical Cairns was fun, great weather, lay back and social.  Still playing footy I continued the bad habits I had seen from my childhood. I was drinking and later on in life gambling and I carried these habits into my relationships, which for some strange reason never seemed to work out. I have always seemed to take on responsibility that far outweighed my age and experience. One example was when I first moved to Cairns, I was step dad and responsible for a 12 and 13 year old girls with the lady I was living while I was just 21. I had to work two jobs at that time to help pay the bills. I had to grow up quick & always took on other peoples responsibilities . Step forward a decade, I married a beautiful wife, Therese and had twin boys and a lovely daughter, brought a house but was separated within 3 years. I had always worked physically hard, but emotionally I was empty and couldn’t express myself. So after losing the marriage I hit the alcohol and gambled until I lost just about everything (including the house). Then at the lowest point in my life, things turned around when I decided to take responsibility for my life. I sold the house under demands of the finance company taking it and started my true calling as a intuitive, psychic and counselor. Though early life was a hard journey, I believe the journey I experienced allowed me to understand my clients and speak from heart with experience and compassion. I will never regret growing up the way I did.

Spiritboy reading tarot at Double Island, Cairns

Living in the beautiful Cairns

It taken me a while but I can truly say I have found myself and happiness.

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