Past Live Readings at CSC

Next Thursday Night 6/8/2020 at the Cairns Spiritual Centre from 6.30 pm I am holding a Past Life Mentoring night. I have asked my good friend Malcolm Bell (the Atherton medium) to do a mini past life demonstration for a lucky person in the audience.  I have had many past life readings with Malcolm and every time those lifetime have brought up issues I am working on this lifetime. This enables me to look at where I need to help myself and where I have been stuck this lifetime and former life’s. As souls we keep on learning till to we learn those lessons we have chosen from one lifetime to another. Past Lives have always fascinated me and Malcolm has always been spot on in his readings. To contact Malcolm for a past life reading call him on 0427636842.
The C.S.C is at 194 Spence St, $5 entry $8 for non members (you can join on the night). Learn how to do a past life reading on yourselves under candle light. The process allows you to tune into your higher consciousness to explore former past lives you have experienced
Come along and join in the fun.
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Malcolm the Happy Medium