What I Do?

For those that don’t know me I thought I would explain a little bit about what I do as it can get confusing when you are looking for a healer or a reader. I have been involved in the spiritual area for over 20 years. I have been a professional psychic and energy healer for many years.

In my psychic readings I use your date of birth to work out your lessons in life and see how your personal year vibration is going. As well I use the tarot and channelling to bring more information to you that is relevant now and in the future. Often I can get messages from love ones who have crossed over, the readings generally last around an hour. I do readings all over the world on many different platforms. For more information click on this link

I am also a professional energy healer working on the chakras and body aura to bring peace and rest to stressed bodies. I use pranic, reiki and other forms of healing. For more information click on this link

Tarot Talk with Spiritboy

Tarot Celtic Cross by Spiritboy

To those of you starting your spiritual journey or the others that are looking to augment their  portfolio of skills, tarot cards represent a wise investment. Most people think of the cards as some mystical objects, along with the reader who may or may not impart wisdom and knowledge for your life, far beyond what they should know. In truth the reader uses his colourful pieces of cardboard to tap into his or her intuition and beyond.

The oldest set of hand written Tarot Card/s that still exist are from 1420’s,originally commissioned by the king of Italy at the time. In those days ordinary people would have had no access to these cards of wisdom. Before the printing press, the cards were hand painted and works of art, thus only the rich and famous would have had access to them. As for the origins of tarot, the truth is nobody knows for certain. Some say Ancient Egypt, other China or Asia, others think it may have been the Gypsy fortune-tellers who roamed throughout Europe and Asia. The truth is we will never know, what matters is the tarot is widely available now in both variety and sizes to suit everyone.

Most Tarot packs have 78 Cards, 22 are called the Major Arcana, these are the most vibrant of the deck. When they appear, usually something big is happening around the client. From the rest of the 56 the Minor Arcana, 16 are Court cards “Kings And Queens etc.” and 40 are Ace to 10 in 4 different suits. The common 52 cards known today through poker etc. is thought to originate from the tarot. The Joker is thought to have come from the tarots Fool card. Some European countries still use tarot packs as common playing cards throughout the general population.

Now to address some common questions and fallacy’s of the tarot.

One of the most common I hear people asking is, isn’t it true that someone else should buy you a set of cards? Even though this is stepped in tradition, I believe that you and only you should pick the set that appeals to you. After all you are the one that is going to be using them for years, you should at least like them. I have talked to numerous clients who have had packs brought for them, most detest or at the very least dislike the packs and feel uncomfortable using them. So it serves as a deterrent to learning, as these unwanted packs sit in a corner or draw and gather dust.

The next question usually asked is, what is the most common pack that everyone uses? Well the most common is the Rider/Waite pack. The cards were originally published in December 1909 by the publisher William Rider & Son of London. The cards were drawn by illustrator Pamela Colman Smith under instructions of academic and mystic A. E. Waite. Arthur Waite commissioned Pamela Colman Smith to draw new imagery for the 78 cards that veered away and toned down the Christian images on the cards of their day. It a shame she isn’t recognized more with the cards as she did a superb job on the illustrations. The Radiant pack that I recommend for my students starting out.

The next most common question is, is anybody else allowed to touch the cards besides me? I know of some professional readers that won’t let anyone touch their cards. The reader splits them and shuffles them for their client. It is true to say for example in phone readings, where you are reading for a absentee person who are physically not there, that you would shuffle the cards for the client. But if I am  with the client I am reading for, I always get them to give the pack a big shuffle. I believe this imparts their energy on the cards so I can get a better upstanding of their needs.

The last question I will deal with today is how to learn the 78 meanings and remember them? Well like anything else in life, if we want to be good at anything we have to practice. What I recommend in my classes is at whatever time that suits you every day, sit down and have your coffee or tea and learn a different card. After this every morning, pull out a card to represent how your day is going to go? What a great way to get a head start on your day as you watch it unfold. Reading for a close friend or family is another way of honing your talents. Once you learn to read for other people and they know you do, you will be so popular at parties and gatherings, you won’t have time to scratch yourself.

Wanting to learn the cards? Try my Courses.

Learning Tarot via Zoom and Local Cairns Tarot Courses available

Written by Steve Parker – Spiritboy.

 Author, Professional Reader, Psychic and Workshop Facilitator.

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Reiki/ Pranic Energy Healings

Energy healings are a great way to de-stress, relax and recharge the body. The aura and chakras are realigned and charged to bring peace, balance and harmony. Gift yourself today.

Tarot Psychic Readings

Psychic Tarot Readings can give you clear insight into where you need to change. Also they can give you clarity and direction on romance, career and many other issues.

Live Learning & Day Courses

Learn on line with a professional. The classes are relaxed, fun and educational. I am adding many spiritual topics to the live courses over the next few months, so stay tuned. A great way to learn a skill and connect with other like minded people.

Personialized Day courses on many subjects are available to learn from. Some of the subjects include- Tarot, Numerology / Star Signs, Crystal Healing & Grids, Making Crystal Wands and Healing Courses and many other metaphysical subjects.

Beautiful Oracle Cards For Sale

Modern Oracle.

The Modern Oracle are the cards I use in both my personal and professional readings. My friends and clients that buy this pack always give great feedback about them. They are very accurate and direct and can be used daily to give you a heads up on any issues you are facing. A beautifully presented pack of 53 Cards with gold trimming making this a must have for those you want to develop their intuitive side.

Find Out More About The Modern Oracle

Aussie Wildlife Oracles.

A full 45 card pack complete with a instruction manual and lovely pictures of Australian wildlife from the Echidna to the Wombat, the Dolphin to the Murray Cod, the Gonna and the Koala and many more. This pack is a creation of beauty and a great gift for people living overseas to view our unique native wildlife. East to use with instructions, learn how to pull a card to answer questions for you or a family member.

Find Out About Australian Wildlife Cards

Spiritual Ebooks for Sale

Quick simple modern way to learn how to read the tarot and understand the layouts. Have fun and help with major decisions in your life. Develop your intuition and connect with friends.

A great way to develop and understand our intuitive side. This book introduces and covers different ways to explore this fascinating side of us. Open up your spiritual side and gain the benefits.

Learn the basic of numerology and your star sign. Understand why we can get along with people or why we cant. We all come for soul lessons, find out your strengths and weaknesses.

Have fun while sipping your favorite brew. Tea and Coffee Readings have been around for hundred’s of years. Learn this ancient art while helping  with insight from your higher self.

Tarot Cards For Sale

The pack is the smaller version of the ones I recommend to my students to learn tarot. The bright colours in the radiant pack are more vibrant, allowing more information to flow through the the reader. Instructions are included in the pack. the cards size is approximately 9.5 cm x 5.75 cm. The pack has the normal 78 cards included in a solid tin. Especially good if you are on the move as the tin protects the cards.

Find Out More About the Radiant Small Tarot Pack

This pack is the one I recommend to my students to learn tarot. The bright colours in the radiant pack are more vibrant, allowing more information to flow through the the reader. This pack is the one I use every day in my professional readings. Instructions are included in the pack. the cards size is approximately 12.5 cm x 7 cm. The pack has the normal 78 cards included and is the one brand of Rider Waite I recommend.

Find Out More About the Radiant Large Tarot Cards

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Tarot Celtic Cross by Spiritboy

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To those of you starting your spiritual journey or the others that are looking to augment their  portfolio of skills, tarot cards represent a wise

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