Grief, Sorrow and Loss

Death and Grieving by Spiritboy, Cairns, Queensland

Loss can come in many shapes and forms at anytime throughout our life. Often it comes quick and fast without any warning. I know when I was 17 and still at school, my sister got hit unexpectedly by a car and died a week later. This one event brought sudden change though the whole family dynamics. My dad was evicted by mother, and she suffered grief even up to the present day and was never the same for a long time. My brother and myself lost our sister which we would dearly would have loved to be in our lives.

Grief, sorrow and loss can come in many shapes and forms, from deaths of people close to us, loss of a job, a partner divorces and the many other ways we can experience these lessons. One thing we need to remember is to give our self, time to heal and be kind to one self. Often there can be feelings of guilt, responsibility, depressions, anxiety and other ways when we experience loss. Reach out for positive support and don’t be afraid to talk and express what you are feeling (when you are ready) as this is the first part of healing. Counselling, talking to close friends and support groups are great way to help with the pain. Remember everyone heals in their own time and their own way.

Often when I’m doing a psychic readings, relations and love ones from the other side can come in with messages of love and support for us. In most cases these messages bring comfort and peace to those involved. So be kind and supportive for th0se going through hard times, remember we all can use help and support at the low ebbs of life. For  a psychic reading and dealing with grief and loss give me a call when you are ready

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About Mediumship

Angels and Guides by Psychic Spiritboy Steve, Cairns, Queensland

Mediumship is about connecting to the other side. The veil that exists between the psychical world and spirit is hard to penetrate. The reason is, here in the physical world our vibration or frequency is heaver and slowly than on spirits side. This means that we have to raise our vibration and they have to lower their for us to connect with them.

Often when I am starting a reading or even a day before when the booking is made, the clients grandma or father will come through wanting to let love ones know they are safe. It is amazing how spirit and our love ones get messages through. We can all hear little messages or signals from the other side if we sit still and listen and take notice. Often a bird tapping on the window, coins suddenly appearing at your feet, photos knocked down, lights and electricals switching on and of, is a indication of them trying to get our attention..

It usually takes many years for mediums to truly develop and get clear messages from the other side. My own journey is about working towards and developing into a medium to help others grieving about lost love ones. It is amazing the heavy cloud lifted off many of my clients when a loved one comes through. It makes the job thoroughly worthwhile helping people understand death here is a new beginning in the spirit world. Spirit loves humor and often lift the atmosphere and messages with laughter and messages from there.

So while I cant promise your love one will come through in a psychic reading or even you will get a message from the other side, most times someone from your family in spirit will come knocking.