Stuck or Lost.

Are you feeling stuck, lost or confused at present. With 2020 and the covert virus, the world has been shook up and consequently along with it many peoples lives. I feel for those that have lost their lives, jobs and had their world turned upside down. But we need to look at the deeper side of this turmoil. Covert whether we like it or not is going to bring changes.

Unfortunately most of us are uncomfortable with any changes to our schedule or daily lives. But I encourage you to remain positive and look at any changes you would or need to take to bring happiness and health back into your life. In my readings I see more and more people whose whole world is  about work or the lack of it. If life is not balanced our health will suffer sooner or later. Things like exercise, getting outside to smell the fresh air and finding ways to have less stress into our lives help us maintain the balance.

If you have a job that doesn’t fit you needs or it consumes you, look at changing it. I know at times like this fear about about a lack of jobs in the economy stops us from even exploring this, But I encourage you to change your vision to a positive can do and stay driven and focus your attention towards your goals.

Ask yourself these questions. Are you happy in your occupations? Do you need to search out better opportunities? Putting too much time into a job with little return? Do you need to study to increase your income and passion as well as opening more opportunities?? It’s up to you, so now is the time to focus on your future.

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Psychic Readings

Spiritboy Psychic

For those that have worries around work or friends during this time of corona virus, please remember to look at the bigger picture. So often in life we don’t have a chance to step back and see if we are really happy in life. We have been conditioned by society to work and pay bills no matter the cost. While it’s true the virus has disrupted the world, I feel long term it will be a blessing for those that want to embrace change for the betterment of themselves and humanity.. It has given a lot of people time to step back and explore their life, the good the bad and the ugly. This in itself is helpful to understand where we need to make changes to embrace life and it’s wonders. So many people churn through life not happy but do not seem to want to change their circumstances. Most can be like programed robots with work and home. Life was meant to be happy and invigorating with love and family.

Spiritboy Reading Tarot
Spiritboy Reading Tarot

Those people that might need help or direction I can help with a personal one on one psychic reading. Combining your lifepath with your personal year vibration we can see where you need to be. My readings are confidential and uplifting, to book click here. Please embrace change for the better of you and society….

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