Losing A Furry Mate

Benny our Faithful Guard Dog in Spirit

Losing a furry mate / friend who has been part of the family for many years, can be devastating to say the least. Yesterday we had to say goodbye to our friend, mate and protector of nearly 16 years. Losing a dog was devastating for us. The little man’s body could no longer work as it was meant too and I had to make the decision to stop his pain and start ours. I know he was well taken care of by our spirit friends when he passed, but still our physical and emotional bodies feel great sadness and pain at this time.

Growing up we valued our pets like our close friends and the sad fact of life with our furry friends is that they have a shorter lifetime than us. Even though I know the little man’s safe on the other side, our grief on this side is at the moment overwhelming. I know with time and space the pain it will become a little more bearable but our fond memories of Benny will stick. Our little protector will still be guarding our house from the other side and that will always bring a smile to my face.

God bless you Benny and thanks for the memories. xxx

Losing a Furry Mate

Grief, Sorrow and Loss

Death and Grieving by Spiritboy, Cairns, Queensland

Loss can come in many shapes and forms at anytime throughout our life. Often it comes quick and fast without any warning. I know when I was 17 and still at school, my sister got hit unexpectedly by a car and died a week later. This one event brought sudden change though the whole family dynamics. My dad was evicted by mother, and she suffered grief even up to the present day and was never the same for a long time. My brother and myself lost our sister which we would dearly would have loved to be in our lives.

Grief, sorrow and loss can come in many shapes and forms, from deaths of people close to us, loss of a job, a partner divorces and the many other ways we can experience these lessons. One thing we need to remember is to give our self, time to heal and be kind to one self. Often there can be feelings of guilt, responsibility, depressions, anxiety and other ways when we experience loss. Reach out for positive support and don’t be afraid to talk and express what you are feeling (when you are ready) as this is the first part of healing. Counselling, talking to close friends and support groups are great way to help with the pain. Remember everyone heals in their own time and their own way.

Often when I’m doing a psychic readings, relations and love ones from the other side can come in with messages of love and support for us. In most cases these messages bring comfort and peace to those involved. So be kind and supportive for th0se going through hard times, remember we all can use help and support at the low ebbs of life. For  a psychic reading and dealing with grief and loss give me a call when you are ready

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