Corona Virus- Blessing in Disguise?

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Corona Virus- Blessing in Disguise?

All though this time of isolation, a lot of people having been living in fear and dread of the virus and what it can do. We have been forced to stay inside and listen to the media and government sending out waves of fear and false information to pump up their agendas. It is true that it has been an unsettling time for most of the population, but when you look past the inconvenience of isolation there will be  lot of positives that come from this.

In the psychic readings I have been doing recently a lot of people who weren’t happy at work, or in there personal lives, have had a chance to sit back and re access their life direction. I think with this busy lifestyle we now live, it is important to check in with yourself regularly to see if you are happy and following your path that allows you to live life to the fullest. It is so easy to get caught up at the drama at work, with friends or in the relationship and forget about yourself and so get trapped in the never ending cycle of unhappiness.

It is important to sit back from your busy life every now and again and see where you are heading. Often though the fear of paying bills and mortgages we forget about us and continue to drain our life energy through situations and jobs that aren’t good for our health. This down time for most of us has given us the time to re access what is working and what isn’t. So don’t be afraid to look down the rabbit hole and make some decisions that are in your best for your future.

Steve Spiritboy (Psychic)


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