Tarot Cards, Small Tin

Tarot Cards, Traveling Tin. Develop your Intuition with Tarot!

Great for Travelling!

Tarot Cards, Traveling Tin. The pack is the one I recommend to my students to learn tarot. The bright colours in the radiant pack are more vibrant, allowing more information to flow through the the reader. This design is the one I use every day in my professional readings. Instructions are included in the pack, although I do offer both Zoom Online Tarot Courses and Cairns Tarot Courses. It is always better to learn from someone that does it all the time as sometimes the 78 cards can create confusion with a new learner. The cards size is approximately 9.5 cm x 5.75 cm. The pack has the normal 78 cards included in a solid tin.

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Lots of Vibrant Colour.

Beautifully coloured vibrant pack allow more information to come through. Especially good if you are on the move a lot as the tin protects the cards. The Rider Waite pack was designed and first published around 1910 and is still used around the world by most professional and amateur readers. Buy now for yourself or great as a gift. Postage is for within Australia only (add $12.95). For those overseas please email me direct and I can find postage and shipping for your location. Local Cairns collection is available by calling me on 0418773614.

Payments on this website are accepted via secure PayPal services.