Tarot Meanings

Reading Tarot Together
The Tarot at Work and Combining of the Cards

Tarot’s 78 cards can have many meanings for different people. I thought I would start a regular mini course for those that want to start learning the cards. The Radiant Rider/Waite pack has serve me and others well for many years. The colours are more vibrant than many of the other packs and we gather psychic impressions from colours and image within the cards as well as the general meanings of each card. When first learning it’s best to separate the different suites and the major arcana. The minor arcana (secrets) consist of the four suites Cups, Swords, Wands and Pentacles. They start with the ace and go up to the 10 in each suite. The court cards are also part of the minor arcana and are the Page, Knight, Queen and King in each suite. These generally represent people in the reading but they can also represent situations. Next comes the big guys and girls with the major arcana. They number 22 cards from 0 to 21 and represent the big issues or lessons in life. Soon I will start on learning the suites, so good luck and stick with it and you will become popular with all your friends. I run regular Tarot courses throughout the year, check them out here, if your interested contact me or call in Australia on 0418773614. Steve Spiritboy