Tarot Layouts/ Spreads

Here are some spreads you may find useful.

1. A simple layout to try is the basic 3 card daily spread. This can be a personal spread for you to do every morning while you’re learning. Clear the cards, and rest the mind and focus on the question you are reading for, or tune in to spirit, whatever works for you. Just place three cards in front of you anywhere from the pack after you clear them and shuffle. Your goal is to interpret the three different meanings of the cards and place them together to broaden their meaning. For example if you have a lot of cups in the spread it probably means you will be working on a lot of emotional issues that day. This is a good spread to start on, as it is simple. If you’re not getting information from those 3 cards, you can place more cards out on the piles to see if they can clarify the situation.

2. This is one I use in my professional readings. I have adapted it from the standard Celtic Cross. It gives clarity and works in many different areas of your life. The shadow card is important as it represent underlying issues within the persons life. I usually don’t work with the past issues (4) unless there is bad cycles they need to break. I encourage my students to use 3 to 4 layers on positions 3, 5 ,6 ,7 ,8 ,9 10,11 to get more information. Have fun this spread is a great all rounder.

3. A useful layout for asking about your career or work and direction it is headed. Try it and see how you go. Good luck.

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Written by Steve Parker – Spiritboy.

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