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Amanda & Robert learning Tarot with Spiritboy’s Courses in Cairns

Hi everyone, this beginner’s tarot one day workshop runs from Whitfield, Cairns and is great for those that want to learn to grow on their spiritual path and develop an intuitive skill with tarot. I have developed this course over many years and modernize the older meanings of some cards to make them relevant to today society. The tarot pack most use were first drawn up in 1910 and many things have changed since then.   Learn about developing your intuition and understanding the mystical tarot to help yourself and others. A great way to listen and trust your inner voice. All workshop materials provided except cards which can be purchased on the day. I have designed this modern course with a manual to be easy to understand and interesting, as I guide you through it.  The classes are kept small and practical so I can spend more one on one time with you. By the end of the day, you will be able to read the tarot cards for yourself and others. A 130 page manual is also included in the course to take home to further your study in this ancient mystical art. Topics include intent, numerology with the cards, layouts or spreads, identifying personalities within the reading, colours and symbology, keywords list, psychic protection, absentee readings and much more.

Learning Tarot with Steve
Understanding the different Suits in Tarot by Spiritboy

Come along and meet other like minded people and you will be laughing and having fun in no time. Cost is kept at an affordable price for the knowledge you will receive. Group discounts of 3 or more, and concessions are available so why not organise a group of your friends and drop me an email. After the course we can help you continue your learning with tarot either in one on one person teaching with me or I can help you contact with a few student to learn together. Another way to practice is to volunteer at our local Spiritual centre.

You will have heaps of fun and it will help you to become very popular with your friends and family as well as bringing new direction into your life. Don’t delay and book now. Packs of Cards available for sale on the day, let me know when booking if you require a pack. I recommend The Radiant Rider Waite pack to start with, as my manual uses these cards. Available on the day if requested. All welcome on this full fun day course, from ages 15 to 99.

At the end of the day if you have participated in the learning in all the events you will receive a certificate of attainment for the course. For those wanting to redo the same course and top up their knowledge with more practice the fee is only $50 (without the manual and certificate). Contact me to Re-book please.

Early Bird Special before TBA- $150 AUD
Book Learning Tarot – $165 AUD (TBA)

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The Tarot cards-learning course with Spiritboy

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