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Reiki/ Pranic Energy Healings

Energy healings are a great way to de stress, relax and recharge the body. The aura and chakras are realigned and charged to bring peace, balance and harmony.

Tarot Psychic Readings

Psychic Tarot Readings can give you clear insight into where you need to change. Also they can give you clarity & direction on romance, career and many other issues.

Live Learning & Day Courses

Spiritboy overseas Psychic Readings

Live Zoom Courses

Learn on line with a professional. The classes are relaxed, fun and educational. I am adding many spiritual topics to the live courses over the next few months, so stay tuned.

Cairns Day Courses

Personialized Day courses on many subjects are available to learn from. Some of the subjects include- Tarot, Numerology/Star Signs, Crystal Healing & Grids, Making Crystal Wands and Healing Courses.

Beautiful Oracle Cards For Sale

The Modern Oracle are the cards I use in both my personal and professional readings. My friends and clients that buy this pack always give great feedback about them. They are very accurate and direct and can be used daily to give you a heads up on any issues you are facing. A beautifully presented pack of 53 Cards with gold trimming making this a must have for those you want to develop their intuitive side.

Find Out More About The Modern Oracle

A full 45 card pack complete with a instruction manual and lovely pictures of Australian wildlife from the Echidna to the Wombat, the Dolphin to the Murray Cod, the Gonna and the Koala and many more. This pack is a creation of beauty and a great gift for people living overseas to view our unique native wildlife. East to use with instructions, learn how to pull a card to answer questions for you or a family member.

Find Out More About Australian Wildlife Wisdom Cards

Spiritual Ebooks for Sale

Learn To Read Tarot!

Quick simple Modern way to learn to read the tarot and how to read layouts

Explore Your Intuition!

A great way to develop and understand our intuitive side. This book covers different ways to explore this fascinating side of us.

Spiritboy Tea and Coffee Readings

Have Fun Over a Cuppa!

Have fun while sipping your favorite brew. Tea and Coffee readings have bben around for hundred's of years.