How I Tune In!

This page will explain a bit about how I tune in to a psychic reading and what happens during the time we have together.

How I Psychically Tune Into My Clients.

The Cards Are a Tool!

Want to know how I psychically tune into my clients. Over the years I have often wondered if my new or old clients understand the process and how I receive information for them. So I thought it was time I try to put into words the way I work with spirit for the  information to come through me.

I remember years ago when I was first learning the Tarot,  I had a reading from my mentor. He would look at the cards and bring out statements nothing like the cards were saying. This use to really confused me until I realised the psychic is just a conduit or messenger from our spirit guides and my mentor was reading from his connection to his guides not the cards. The tarot is only one of the tools to bring through the messages from our intuition and our spirit helpers on the other side.

Messages Can Come Early Before The Reading

Now that I have been working with my spiritual partners and my intuition every day for many years, the messages come through at all hours and in all places. Often when I am doing menial chores or zoning out, messages start coming through because the logical or analytical mind is switched off. This is why meditation is so important for all of us to develop our intuition.

Sometimes even before a client arrives I will start to get messages for them. A lot of times deceased family members will come through and send their love to help put the person at ease and to help them understand that even through physical life ends on this side, life on the other side still goes on.

Take Home Brochure

When the client arrives I try to put them at ease to make them feel comfortable. With new clients or first timers I will gently explain the process and let them know its great for them to ask questions during the reading for clarity or something they may be worried about. I strongly suggest they record the session on the phone so not to miss any messages. Clients often focus on the immediate here and now and forget about the long term. By recording the reading they have a chance to revisit the reading in the future. These days most modern mobile phones have access to voice recording.

With in-person psychic readings I have a brochure which my clients can take home which explains through Numerology and Starsigns (Birthdate) their chosen life path and their tendencies throughout life. This alone can explain much of what they have been through or experiencing at the present time. Usually this information comes with channelled messages from your guides or loved ones.

The Cards Can Help With Direction

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After this the Tarot Cards are used to give us a lot more information and details on whats happening now and in the future. The layout or spread of the cards is important because each position talks about a different aspect of your life. From here I can pick up many things going on around you from issues with family, children, ex’s, work, health and much more.After placing several layers of cards in the different positions I then use a beautiful second pack of cards called the modern Oracles. These cards are very direct and often confirm what came before and reinforce what we need to do to move forward or through obstacles. The readings usually last around 50 minutes to an hour, so all the information that needs to come out does. I value the information that comes out and I hope my clients do to.

In my psychic readings I counsel on many levels about many topics from relationships, work, addictions to physical, emotional and spiritual needs and we look at ways you can help yourself with any issues you are dealing with. I have had counseling experience with thousands of psychic readings as well as with Lifeline counselling in the past. The readings work on many levels from the physical, mental, emotion and spiritual needs of my clients. It all about giving direction and helping them with any issues they are dealing with.


Phone Or Zoom Readings, Australia or Overseas

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I do not judge or lecture during our time together but with the help of spirit suggest ways you can work through any issues you may be facing. Please remember we all have free will to exercise and use how we want, the trick is using it the right way for our personal growth with the least amount of pain.There is no difference between In-person reading and long distance readings as the information comes through the same.

Imagine listening to the radio where you can hear the music even though you are no where near the radio station. Psychic readings work the same way where I tune into a wavelength and listen to the message coming through to relay it to you.

Over the years many clients have given me great feedback about the validity of the information that comes through and even years later will confirm the what came through in the reading happened. So if you feel like a reading book now and lets see what comes through for you.

I hope this gives you a insight into how I work and look forward to meeting you one day soon.

Steve Spiritboy

What My Clients Say!

As long as I can remember I have always been very spiritual. I remember I did play with tarot cards early days and as I looked at them and then back to the books I got totally confused. Until I meet Steve and he taught me the easy way to learn tarot and to understand them for use in our intuition and increase our psychic abilities. I am now reading professionally at the Crystal ball Bookstore in Cairns, Australia, after I took his course on tarot cards and numerology. Steve is an incredible teacher. I can highly recommend him as an amazing teacher.
Eva Ronning
From Norway
I have been around spiritual circle for many years and I have never met a psychic reader that can combined their extraordinary numerology skills with tarot reading and other modalities better than Spirit Boy (Steve Parker) and I’ve met and I had a lot of readings and met a lot of Psychics!! With Steve’s unique and lovely reading style my confidence to read for others has increased and continues to do so. He makes our lesson easy and practical to understand. I highly recommend Steve as a Person, Reader, Teacher and Healer. Blessings Leslie
Leslie Marino
From Cairns